Blowing raspberries at Scotland

P1000980You can’t go any further ‘north’ on the Isle of Man than the Point of Ayre.   It’s where the west-ish side of the island meets the east-ish side.  Getting into the sea and going further north leads to a place no human wishes to go. Scotland. (shudder)

The sea is pretty desolate and mainly rough, and the Point of Ayre is mainly desolate too. It’s shallow and can be weather-beaten when the elements conspire.  Also, the Point of Ayre used to be mainly a landfill site for Manx rubbish.

A few structures remain from the times when ships had to be warned they faced peril.  Not peril from the landfill, although who knows what’s down there, not even peril from the inhabitants and the rumoured Manx cannibalism (which has no basis in fact), but peril from running aground.

There’s one structure at the Point of Ayre that remains from the early 1990s when times were freer and all night beach raves used to be the way of life, the huge loud speakers (pictured).  Back in the day these boomed kilowatts of sound across the beach with the beat of the early pioneers of drum and bass and acid house, as drug-happy bodies swayed and writhed in the sand.

That was then, but those carefree days are now long gone.  For most of the year the loud speakers remain completely silent, gently rusting away in the hostile cruel atmosphere.

On certain calm dry days during the lazy hot summers they are fired up in order to shout insults at Scotland, or even laugh and snigger at the people who live in Cockermouth.