The Islamophobia News Algorithm

Trying to decide what is ‘news’ and how important it is as news requires the application of a news algorithm.

This is an essential way of deciding what ends up in print, on the telly, or on radio news summaries.

The standard ‘test’ is based on geography or how ‘like’ the consumers the people the story is about are.

As an example, 10,000 people dying in a natural disaster in a country nobody has ever heard of is not as important as a person stubbing their toe in the streets of Birmingham.  However, if one of the 10,000 happens to have had ancestors who were ‘British’, then that elevates the importance of the story.

If the story, for example the natural disaster one, despite unfolding anywhere on the planet, happens to involve somebody of Jewish origin, then Israeli authorities will always issue a number of statements about the loss. They will do this even though the Jews concerned have never been to Israel and have no relatives or any actual connection to Israel.

It is very important that British media reproduce the Israeli statements and interview the array of talking heads that will be provided.  Failure will result in accusations of anti-Semitism, and a hounding of the news organisation failing to comply.  Most do comply of course, because of the credentials of the owners.

All news stories which come without pictures are to be gazumped by even the most boring and pointless story if it has video or pictures, preferably captured in low quality on mobile phones.  Again, if there are no pictures of the 10,000 people being killed by the natural disaster in the far off land, but pictures of the toe stubbing incident, then the toe will dominate, with the available 2 seconds of video being looped and replayed over and over for hours on the rolling news channels.  No video of 10,000 people dying, then include the story as part of the ‘in other news’ round-up, unless video can be obtained of relatives crying for the loss of their loved ones.

And then we come to the ‘Islamic terrorist’ stories.  Bearing in mind that most ‘Islamic terrorists’ are simply mentally ill people who others have programmed to go out and kill, they are actually not representing ‘Islam’ or even 99.9% the global Muslim community.  They are just mad people who also happen to be Muslim.

However, there is a special algorithm that’s applied when the news story is about Muslims….