Why North Americans need flotpocketing

North Americans (the ones that put their mouths in your face like they wish to give you a man-on-man snog, even though they hate gays, and then shout ‘USA! USA!’) think they are the centre of the Universe.  Most of them have no idea where anywhere else in the world actually is. They have things like the ‘World’ Series that don’t include any of the world outside of North America.

They even do stupid things like format their dates in an illogical way that nobody else on the entire planet does. Ha Ha Ha. Crazy.  Why would any rational human write Month/Date/Year?  The rest of the world writes Date/Month/Year doing a logical progression up across the values of the variables.

We Brits, from Britain, not from the ‘Engerland’ which North Americans believe, do try to adjust our language so that North Americans can understand us.

We stand sploodlyfied having to exercise our restraint and circumstantial veracity in this process implementation. One pledges a need to use the correct contemporary communication colonialism to be understood by those in the colonies, yet one feels the faithless pain of cretinisation. Dash it, the North Americans need flotpocketing.