Freedom to not buy ‘The Sun’

Scousers never forgive. Strike that. There are some within the Scousers that agitate to ensure that the rest of the clan march to the beat of the angry drum.

Scousers are, for example, born with a hatred of Margaret Thatcher.  Scousers who weren’t even born when she was Queen have the hatred instilled into them from birth alongside plenty of other hatred and whatever crazy (usually Catholic) religion they are trained to follow.

Scousers also hate ‘The Sun’.

There’s a good and justifiable reason for hatred of ‘The Sun’.  Historically, ‘The Sun’ wronged Scousers by printing lies about them back in the last Millennium. The lies followed the painful loss of 96 Scousers at Hillsborough.

However, those who might want to ‘move on’ and start reading ‘The Sun’ again are not allowed to.  Instead of it being an individual choice to boycott ‘The Sun’, the bullies ensure that everybody has to.

Over the decades, newsagents accidentally stocking ‘The Sun’ have ‘caught fire’.  A constant campaign of intimidation has been waged against vendors, many of whom not being Scousers but being new to the area ‘Asian’ shopkeepers, had no clue that the rule had been strictly imposed.  Some of them suffered because part of the distribution arrangement they signed up to forced them to include copies of ‘The Sun’ in order to get delivery of the other papers.

In the early days, newsagents with this arrangement mysteriously ‘caught fire’.  They catch fire less often these days, but ‘The Sun’ is not purchasable in the ‘suburbs’ of Liverpool where Scousers live, but is available within the more multicultural and forward moving centre of Liverpool for those who have the guts to buy it and aren’t worried about being beaten up.

Personally, I’ve never bought ‘The Sun’.  And this I choose to be a fact of my life. ‘The Sun’ doesn’t fit into my life in any way, and probably less so because of the lies and awful things it has printed over the years.

Not everybody in Liverpool is given the choice to consciously not buy ‘The Sun’.