A small English breakfast

Remember when the greenies and thought police told us all that Full English breakfasts were the work of the Devil and we were all going to die?

Instead of the evil death bringing cooked breakfast, they insisted we munch on sawdust bran and stuff that would go straight through the human body without touching the sides.  But they were wrong, weren’t they.  It was revealed a few years ago that a properly cooked breakfast helps build up our immunity and gave a good balanced start to the day.

The greenies and human haters refused to believe the scientific evidence, and to this day still wail on about eating ‘properly’ as if a cooked breakfast is in some way ‘improper’.  Maybe it’s starvation that makes them so irrational and stick to their religion’s indoctrination.  Or maybe it’s all the recreational drugs.

Meanwhile, here’s a brilliant Full English cooked three-egg breakfast made in a cafe in Liverpool, the way a breakfast should be.


  1. Not a sausage? Needs a pint tin mug of tea with grease floating on top to dunk your fried bread in – but then I am very fat….


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