Lawbreakers whinge about being fined

What is wrong with people who break the law?  Why won’t they ever accept that they’ve done something wrong and so need to be punished, usually by being fined?

Instead they lecture us about how much money, for example, the local authority is making from the fines. They campaign against them, and put out shock horror stories about how many ‘Millions’ this local council or that local council is making, for example, out of parking fines.

They take the faux moral high ground as if the local authority is in some way ‘stealing’ money from people.

ceclampIt’s not ‘stealing’, you morons, it’s fining motorists when they break the law.

But this whole problem needs to be looked at another way.

The actual reality is that we are overrun with law breakers. There are so many of them that councils are generating huge incomes because of their illegal activities.  Yet it doesn’t seem to stop them.

The simple answer is that if, for example, a car driver wishes to avoid a fine, he shouldn’t park illegally or drive above the speed limit or in bus lanes when signs clearly say not to.

So when these criminals whinge, whine and complain about their fines, all they need to get through into their thick selfish heads is that if they hadn’t broken the law they wouldn’t have been fined.  Simple as that.

Why break the law and then moan about the punishment?

Personally, I think cars parked illegally should be impounded and crushed within a few hours of being found.

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  1. Same with untaxed morons, little chavs with those ridiculous straight-through big-bore exhaust pipes who think they are Lewis Hamilton, and idiots who drive around on a perfectly clear night with fog lamps blazing. I could go on….


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