Ebola comes to the UK

It’s strange, but not to be unexpected, that on social media and in real life (the two can be separate, y’know) the bets are on, the books have been opened, and dates are being picked.

Yes, this is about when Ebola will break out in the UK.

It certainly doesn’t make a jot of difference what the Government says, we the people are convinced that Ebola is coming to the UK and we’re all doomed.

Indeed, I was listening to a late night radio phone-in in Liverpool, and this mad woman was on saying how Ebola was coming as part of an Islamic State plot to try to cull us all, but not to worry because the Government had announced that beer is good for you and so drinking beer is the cure for Ebola.  Strangely, beer doesn’t appear to have been used by the World Health Organisation to slow the outbreak in Africa, and it’s not on any advisory!

Well, this is Liverpool, the home of the mentals.  Jeez.

Anyway, we the people are convinced of the Government’s incompetence when it comes to trying to deal with Ebola containment in this country.  And so the bets are on.

Ok, I betcha it’ll be within fourteen days of the publishing of this article!