Facebork’s awful voyeurs of death

Annoyingly, Facebork now auto-runs videos that people decide to post or share. Google+ has always done this, so I can understand why Facebork has decided to do this.

However, this now means that all those prats and imbeciles who think there is something cool about videos of people being murdered, are now sharing their sick blood lust with me.

To you I say ‘fuck off’!  Seriously, ‘fuck off’!

Murder might be exciting to you, but it is disgusting and abominable to normal human beings. You morons might find that you have to fill your own timelines with beheadings and shootings to help you get an erection, but I don’t.

There is no way you can justify doing this.

Please stop sharing these videos with me. With Facebork auto-playing videos, I am forced to watch close-up videos of bullets entering children’s heads or mass killings before I can scroll past or delete them. They make me feel sick. Unlike you, I’m am not into watching child murder, child snuff movies.

I do not need reminding that there are terrible people out there doing some vicious and disgusting things to other human beings, and getting off on videoing their victims die.

Watching murder in close-up is not something I want on my timeline. I am ‘unfriending’ those who are into sharing these snuff movies like they are nothing more than fun clips from GTA.

You voyeurs of death need help.