The hilarious anti-fracking hypocrites

You couldn’t make it up. These people are part of the enviro-religion. They are greenies.  They hate humanity and so are against ‘fracking’ because ‘fracking’ would release natural gas to humanity, allowing our fuel bills to plummet and for old people to be able to afford to keep themselves warm this coming cold winter.

They don’t want that.

Those amongst them that might find it humane, of course, have their minds filled with fears of doom and gloom related to all the pretend bad things that happen when ‘fracking’ is used to extract gas. This allows them to accept that old ladies are going to freeze to death across the UK, because they see that as the lesser evil.

The brainwashed humanity haters, enemies of their own species, set up harassment camps designed to bring a slow down or a halt to progress.

cegasOne such camp not far from me is the ‘No Dash For Gas’ camp infesting Blackpool.

The camp is full of voluntarily unemployed all suffering from the same delusion. Gas is bad. Well, gas that’s in the ground is bad. Apparently propane gas is good. As you can see from the photo. They obviously have no understanding of the manufacturing process of propane gas and are happy to use it in their camp when not protesting about, er, gas.

You couldn’t make it up.