Heads up!

I consider myself extremely lucky to have not been born a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu, a Sikh, or any other of the twisted and sick religions. ‘Twisted and sick’ of course describes all of ’em.

Actually, thinking about it, nobody is “born a Jew” or born with any of the religions.  A baby is born with a free mind. If it is allowed to grow and mature without religious indoctrination, it is just ‘born a human’.  It will be unaware of the bizarre beliefs its parents held, and just grow up a human.

Sadly, parents don’t allow their children to grow and mature this way. Instead they inflict one of the worst forms of child mental abuse ever invented. Its parent force it to follow the bizarre beliefs and rituals that their parents forced into them, and their parents forced into them beforehand.  A child’s parents force a religion into them. The child has no choice but to trust what it is being told is right.  The child trusts its parents.

A human can be born blind, born deaf, born left-handed, born right-handed, born tall, born short, born blond, born black, born white, born with any deformity or anomaly that makes them ‘different’ or an individual, but they can never be “born a Jew” or born any other religion.  A baby is born with no religion as its ‘factory settings’.

Then we spoil them. And make them walk around with funny things on their heads so the God we’ve forced them to believe in can recognise them.

If children grew up without religious indoctrination, then regardless of their parents, they’d all grow up as an exciting collection of human beings.