Polar bears not dying enough for global warming religion

Children love the look of polar bears. They love the stories of how they are left handed, or hide their noses when they hunt for food, even though neither is true. And, of course, they cry when photoshopped pictures arrive in propaganda, showing solitary polar bears sitting on icebergs ahead of drowning.

Sadly, the polar bear, made to appear so very cute and fluffy, is dying and it’s all our fault. Their natural habitat is being destroyed by bad humans. Humans who are to blame for global warming. Poor cute and cuddly polar bears.

Except of course, that’s all propaganda. And lies.

Polar bears are not cute. They, as any predator, are hunters and killers. They would happily hunt and kill humans as food.

The only reason the polar bear numbers seemed to be dwindling was due to them having a greater predator. Man.

Man use to hunt and kill polar bears. This was the only reason that ‘stocks’ of polar bears dwindled. However, those who wish to promote the global warming religion are happy to mask the reality in order to make a great story to support their cause. That’s why there has been a constant reference to the ice caps melting and how it will make all the dwindling cuddly polar bears dwindle into extinction by drowning.

That makes a great and powerful story, doesn’t it?

Except it’s a lie. As soon as laws were enacted reducing unregulated hunting, their population swelled to fantastic levels we’d not known before. Conservative estimates see them as having at least 40,000. There are so many that they are now constantly raiding human settlements looking for food.

Yet, the lie is that global warming is wiping them out. Well, it hasn’t warmed in the last 17 years. Ice caps which the doomsayers told us would be melted by now, are perfectly fine, and definitely the polar bears aren’t drowning.

Please stop scaring the children with this lie.