Global Warming laps at my logs

Global Warming means not having to waste so many of our natural resources in order to keep warm, right?

Okay, okay, we know it hasn’t actually ‘warmed’ for nearly 20 years, but let’s pretend all the global warmista predictions came true and temperatures had risen by a gazillion degrees.  If they had, which they haven’t, then right now in the middle of April we would be sitting with our arses stuffed inside freezers, wouldn’t we.

Instead, here we are able to throw three logs, count them, one, two, three on the fire in order to take the chill off.  Awesome.

Speaking of ‘awesome’, dontcha just love Google+‘s auto-awesome feature.  Here it has automagically picked and stitched together a bunch of my photos of said awesome wood fire, in order to keep it burning forever during the frozen winters ahead.