#nomakeupselfies show that girls are naturally beautiful

So, loads of female humans have been posting selfies whilst not wearing make-up.

Now, this is one of those win-win viral things that grew organically into something really quite wonderful. It makes so much more sense than the need to video oneself drinking and dying as part of the #neknomination craze.

No make-up selfies are raising a phenomenal amount of cash for Cancer Research UK. It’s already in the £Millions. Absolutely brilliant.

This is the kind of activity that should go viral from time to time. It can’t be structured or regular because that’s not how it works. These things need to always be one-offs, spontaneous and new. Like flashmobbing. I mean, flashmobbing is so yawn now, innit.

I said the No Make-Up Selfie was a win-win. Well, obviously, and most importantly, the fundraising is the main win. But, the whole process is also a win for natural beauty. Oh, and it’s a win for men and women who like just staring at close-ups of women with no make up on. That might even be a registered fetish.

But seriously, here’s the thing: Some girls, only a few mind, are complete mingers. They look disgusting with make-up. I don’t mean the girls with genuine facial disfigurements or anything, just the girls who usually rate themselves. They are nearly always disgusting to look at. Always. When they wear make-up.

There aren’t many girls that know how to wear make-up to compliment their natural selves. Most wear what the advertising and peer pressure tells them to wear. And for 99% of girls, make-up is a make-down, but nobody tells them.

I mean, as an example, watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, where a number of ‘celebrities’ are trapped in the Australian jungle without creature comforts, including make-up, gives viewers an opportunity to see what they look like without make-up. For example, I remember the striking photos of a make-up-less Stacey Solomon who won one year. She always looked good with make-up on, well normal good, but without make-up she looked stunning. Yes, her natural look was far superior.

Almost all girls look better without make-up. A combination of not ‘needing’ make-up and not knowing how best to use make-up usually masks and destroys their superior natural good looks.

So, this #nomakeupselfie viral trend actually broke the spell of having to hide behind make-up. It allowed girls the confidence to be themselves. It allowed girls to be complimented for looking so much better. Hopefully it gave a lot of them much more confidence to just be who they are in other ways.

It probably won’t, but it would be nice to think it put a dent in the awful industry that thrives on telling girls they look shit without the make-up they want to sell them.

If these girls doing no make-up selfies are looking so much better than when they wear make-up, why don’t they just stay natural? What a beautiful world it would be.