Smart Meters are spying on you

Smart Meters are being installed “for free” to British Gas customers, especially if they are dual fuel (gas and electricity) users. The conventional meters with dials or clicking over digits are being forcibly removed and replaced by a magic box that you never need to physically read again.

Instead, the new ‘meter’ reports directly to British Gas via a through-air data connection (like a dongle for a laptop / mobile phone), giving them a complete run down of exactly how much gas and electricity you are using and when. Yep, they map and profile your every movement. They add a ‘selling point’ of giving you a pretty little tablet thing that displays just the highlights of the full data they are collecting, to make the whole process seem attractive and techie.

Eventually every property in the UK will have Smart Meters.  They are trying to soft introduce them by stealth, and once they have reached a tipping point, they will force them on everybody remaining or resisting.

On the face of it, this is all fine.  No more having meter readers knocking at the door. No more under or over estimates.

But here’s the thing: They can tell when you have a day off, what shift you are working, and how many people are in the house. All this info is easily extrapolated from your usage of electricity and gas. How much you use and exactly when you use it tells everything about you with extreme accuracy.

Are we happy about this?


How sinister is all this?

Do we really want all this ‘profiling’ going on? Yes, they’ll protest that it’s anonymous and it helps them understand supply needs, but the data will of course be sold onwards for whoever needs it. When we start getting phone calls trying to sell us stuff the moment we get home because British Gas, or whichever energy provider, has told call centres that we have started to put lights on, so must be in now, or the doorsteppers target us as we leave for work, then life will be hell. A Smart Meter hell.

But, it’s worse than that. And I don’t mean people hacking in and working out when you are out so they can burgle your home, I mean the complete control they now have over your energy.

You see, one of the scariest abilities of British Gas via its Smart Meters is to remotely cut people off, to deny them electricity or gas at the press of a button in their control centre hundreds of miles away. Ok, yes, it brings them in line with the power that telecom providers (such as BT) have to just cut a customer off without having to go anywhere near their premises, should a customer default on payments.

The difference between cutting off a phone and cutting off electricity and gas could be the difference between life and death, especially for the old and vulnerable who end up freezing to death. Hell, I’m all for cutting off the slobs and scum who are more accustomed to illegally by-passing their meters and never admitting into the property the readers who would notice. And, I understand that getting across thresholds in order to cut people off can take months, Court orders and a lot of expense, during which time the household just carries on ‘stealing’ the electricity and gas. Just pressing a key and remotely switching them off makes things so much easier. Yes, I get that.

But, it will mainly hit the wrong people.

And there’s more.

British Gas says in its promotional blurb that the Smart Meters are in part a response to EU directives to reduce energy consumption. Ok, let’s consider exactly what that means. They want to force us to reduce our energy consumption. How are they going to enforce this? Will we start to see rationing? They have the power through the Smart Meter to do whatever they want to you. They can ‘throttle back’ the amount you use, or disallow use at certain times of the day. You are powerless to do anything about it. Absolutely powerless. Literally.

The greenie environmentalists who hate humanity and are using the whole pretend ‘global warming‘ meme to attack us and our lifestyles, just love this new found power over us. They want to keep us in the dark. Once the UK is fully swapped over to Smart Meters, their real legislative fun will begin via the EU, unless we can stop them.