The 2014 Josh Calender is here!

I wish I could draw.

I can’t.

I wish I could capture the ultimate moment in witty cartoon.

I can’t.

But, when it comes to climate evolution and the way that some people like to fail at scaring us with their bizarre tales of how we are all in some unproven way to blame for climate evolution, nobody captures the moments better than the cartoonist Josh.

His 2014 Calendar is out.  Yay.  Annoyingly, so was I when Mr Royal Mail tried to deliver it to me.  This meant a four hundred mile trip to the Collecting Office with ID in order to finally get it right into my sweaty little hands.  And, it’s now up on the wall under the current calendar which is all about cats.  I’ve deliberately not looked at each month so that I can enjoy it as 2014 unfolds.

If you are looking for a good quality 2014 Calendar, why not get one?  There’s more info on the Cartoons by Josh site here.