The END OF THE WORLD is coming. NOT!

I still don’t ‘get’ this need to believe in a coming END OF THE WORLD!

It seems that an END OF THE WORLD features strongly in the belief systems of most of the dominant religions that control the people on this planet. Whether dressed up as Armageddon or Judgement Day or whatever, it doesn’t matter, but there’s always an element of CRISIS and DOOM in there somewhere, and humans are to blame.

For those who don’t follow the older predominantly Middle-Eastern originating god-head based religions, the new religion is the Church of the Environment. Again this religion has its coming END OF THE WORLD element. It is peppered with CRISIS and DOOM that humans are to blame for. Where once we were to be destroyed by Global Cooling, Global Winters, Global Warming, Millennium bugs, our own nuclear bombs, or was it nuclear waste, it’s now conveniently called ‘Climate Change’ (ignoring the inconvenient fact that the climate has always changed and has to be in a state of flux or it doesn’t function as a climate).

What all religions have, apart from this coming END OF THE WORLD, is the ability to redesign themselves into a stronger model each time they are shown to be ridiculous mumbo jumbo.

For mind control, the original Jewish faith was pretty good but not without its flaws. The Jews by nature are told they are in some way special and so very rarely do much beyond inbreeding as a race. They had odd ocd-like rituals but there are those that can break free and accept alternative ideas. Not being good enough in its control of human minds, this gave way to Christianity. Along the way there were a number of different and differing breakaway ideas, but Christianity was the one that won. It was strong enough to motivate troops to march into other lands with their acts of mass slaughter, although it kept splitting into more woolly and fluffy versions of itself. This wasn’t very good and so Islam was invented. Like the religions that went before it, this repaired the holes and failings of its predecessors. It became the very tight, all-consuming mind control method it remains today. It is so efficient that it can command its followers to kill themselves as a process of killing its enemies.

The current Church of the Environment, like Islam, has repaired the holes that accompanied its predecessors and has locked the mind of its followers completely, including the politicians who ‘get’ the angle that this is a religion that can net them gold. This in its way is no different to Catholicism ‘getting’ the angle so that it successfully nets the gold for the Vatican.

Anybody trying to defeat the position of the Church of the Environment with logic, or daring to ask for demonstrable proof of the ‘truths’ it preaches and has decided it is founded on, is treated to the same near-execution that a Muslim may face if he was to question the teachings of Mohammed. This rule by fear works very efficiently and helps to gather momentum until nearly everybody is chanting the same environmental mantra of the day without questioning the reason why.

Naturally of course, this brings with it the unifying fear of the END OF THE WORLD, which of course, in this religion, is all humanity is to blame for.

Despite knowing how this trick of mass hysteria and mind control works, I still don’t ‘get’ why it’s there to be exploited in the first place.

Is this fear of the END OF THE WORLD simply driven by the fear of our own mortality?

Surely, if we could some how address this fear rather than allowing those who wish to manipulate and control us to exploit it, we would calm people down and make the world a far happier place rather than being a battleground for irrational faiths using decent human beings as their pawns.