Islam’s fascination with beheading

I’ve never contemplated killing random strangers.

Over the years, in anger, I have probably contemplated at a whimsical superficial level, killing people that annoy me or who have crossed me.

My first hurdle is the complete awfulness of taking a life.  Life is something as an atheist I put the ultimate value on.  Life has no value within most religions.  Instead they teach that other places after this life are far more significant and important.  Being here is nothing.  As an atheist, being here is all there is, and so therefore it is to be protected and cherished.

My second hurdle with killing somebody is the mess.

Oh, and their ability to fight back.

It seems to me that the most efficient method is to stand some splatter-free distance away and shoot them in the head, dead.

In contrast, stabbing them or hacking at them seems extremely messy and time consuming. Not to mention the fighting back thing.  Heck, I could get hurt.  So, yep, a carefully launched bullet or two and there they are dead, and I can walk away without getting my hands dirty.

Yet, for some cultures and some religions, there seems to be an obsession with using machetes to chop the head off, usually with extreme difficulty.

Jeez, even if I was executing somebody who was unable to resist, it just seems a better option to stand well back and shoot them in the head rather than hack away trying to remove it.

So, what is it with these people who feel the need to chop the head off?  Chopping heads off is not a quick or easy process, unless you have some guillotine mechanism to do it for you.  And it’s extremely messy if the person is still alive as you start.  Yeuch.

Then, an important bit for these mad people who enjoy beheading is the holding up and showing off of the dead person’s head as if it somehow makes them more dead than they already were.

Barbaric is a good word, a perfect word, for all this.

At the moment, Islam seems to foster people who love nothing more than a beheading.

But, hey, it’s not just an Islamic thing.  It is a popular form of killing in a lot of parts of Africa or the Caribbean, regardless of the religion virus they are infected with.

The two Black Muslims who decided to kill a British soldier in Woolwich, first by running him over, and then by hacking off his head as he lay dying, seemed disappointed that they’d not managed to remove his head.  Their attempts had left them covered in blood.  Rather than feel the revulsion at this mess, it had seemed to turn into some form of aphrodisiac.

See, this is the point at which I would not be able to continue, compared to if I had been holding a nice powerful gun.

But seriously, the need these people have to so horribly kill a random stranger is something that has to be programmed out of the next generations of those forced by their parents to follow Islam.

If Islam does teach that we should go round beheading people, then it is a violent religion and it needs to be banned from Britain.  It has no place here.

If Islam doesn’t teach that we should go round beheading people, then those in charge of the religion need to be protesting, shouting and screaming at the tops of their voices to anybody who dares say they are killing in the name of Islam.

The people killing inside the UK in the name of Islam need to be taught to be less cowardly and to admit that they just enjoy killing, but are hiding behind a religion instead of being honest about their blood lust.  Every time somebody kills in the name of Islam, then the tens of thousands of Muslims in the UK should be marching up and down shouting, ‘Not in my name.’ Why aren’t they?

It seems to me that the teachings of Islam and the beliefs of so many of those whose brains are infected with the religion need to be clarified and unified into one single belief throughout the UK, before this country becomes more divided and the civil rest increases.

If Islam wants to be taken seriously in the world, then it needs to modernise itself away from being the religion of war, hate and beheading.