The culture of no consequence

People seem to have been surprised at the tactics used by the scum kids (the feral street-wankers) as they destroyed people’s homes, people’s cars, people’s jobs and people’s businesses during the civil unrest of a few years ago.

It was an outrage of destruction which will be repeating itself this coming Autumn.

But, the tactics the used are nothing new.

The basic principle of ‘swarming’ (or ‘steaming’) has been in regular use for a few decades or so by the scum kids.  Indeed, I have encountered it twice personally; Once when they decided to swarm over me in the street as part of my own personalised mugging experience, and once when I just happened to be in a late night shop as they decided to run in and steal booze and cigarettes but not do anything to the customers or shop workers.

Until recently, they used ‘swarming’ for quite a low level of crime.  They would usually build their group up to about 20, swarm and attack and then quickly disperse, leaving the victims dazed and confused.  Victims were most usually children and teenagers from other postcodes or the wrong gang, next came random people in the street who were worth stripping of money and mobiles, and lastly came off-licences or convenience stores.

Then, for some strange reason, the penny dropped and the scum kids realised that they could up their game.  Gangs put aside their postcode rivalry, a bit like feral tomcats in sniffing range of a female cat on heat, and massed together to do what they’ve always done, but to do it bigger.

Hence why hundreds and hundreds of scum kids were able to gather, swarm and attack far greater prey than usual.  Smashing into shops and instantly stripping them of their goods, grabbing people out of their cars so they can set fire to them, and completely outnumbering and outsmarting any resistance from police or innocent members of the public.

Everything became excitingly possible, and the adrenalin rush was far greater than when running innocent people over and killing them in Grand Theft Auto.

Just as it is impossible to protect oneself or one’s property from a swarm of locusts or wasps, so too is it impossible for society to protect itself from swarming scum kids.  They know how long they’ve got before they need to dissolve into the background again, they know how long they’ve got before anybody even knows what they are currently wrecking.

Most importantly, and this truly is the main point I’m making, they know that they can do what they want and nothing will be done to inconvenience them.  They live completely in a culture of no consequence.

Just as with any swarm, like the locusts blighting a farmer’s crop, the farmer might be able to beat off or stamp on a few, but the numbers stopped are completely insignificant compared to the whole swarm and the damage being done.  So too with the swarm of scum kids.  A few might get caught or arrested.  This won’t stop the remaining swarm going about its business of destroying everything.  Nothing can stop that.

This is especially the case when the scum kids also know that nothing will ever happen to them, even if they are actually caught and arrested.

Firstly, if they are actually arrested, they are not removed from the streets for more than a few hours.  They are back out again, carrying on with the crimes, the very next day, no problem. Usually this is after a pointless ‘caution’, but sometimes (very rarely) they still have to go to court and will be sentenced to an hour of hand-wringing or something equally ludicrous and then let back out to carry on where they left off.

This is the culture of no consequence.  The scum kids know that the chances of getting caught are tiny, the chances of then going to court are even smaller, and certainly the chances of getting any meaningful sentence are nil.  They can do what they like because there is never a consequence.

The culture of no consequence was slowly introduced by the middle-class mamby pamby liberal wets and millionaire socialists who ruled the judicial system whilst Blair and Brown were in power.

The Labour Government-sponsored culture of no consequence is what the scum kids grew up with, and it has now exploded like the timebomb it was intended to be, maiming all of us normal people forever.