Feral cats and feral children, disconnected from humans

When the two 10 year old murderers tortured toddler James Bulger to death, all sensible normal rational thinking people didn’t ‘get’ it.  How could these two boys be so disconnected from morals and a sense of right and wrong?

Indeed, during questioning, the horror and enormity of what they’d done seemed to pass them by as they shrugged their shoulders about it.  Some onlookers called this ‘pure evil’.  However, it wasn’t ‘evil’, but was the rule of feral existence.  It was a throw back to a very basic stage in our evolution, and was no different to how a cat will typically ‘play’ with and torture a mouse or a bird to death to relieve the boredom and possibly not even eat the prey once it is finally dead.

They do it because it’s fun.

Cats are a very good example of what is happening in the dregs of society right now.  The domesticated cat knows how to interact with humans.  It is cute, and it will exchange apparent affection with the humans it co-habits with.  It will enjoy moments of close contact, and will adopt humans as part of its pride, enjoying their company and respecting them.

The feral cat, on the other hand, having lived its entire life hiding from humans, and without any direct interaction with them, has a very different approach.  It remains as distant and as secretive as the rats, mice or other rodents that live around us.  As with these rodents, the feral cat will have no loyalty to humans, no respect, regardless of how hard a human might try.  The feral cat literally has no interactive ‘language’ (the cute mewings that domesticated cats will make at humans don’t exist within feral cat behaviour) and certainly no actual affection to exchange with humans.  It exists in a state of disconnect from humans, living its own life according to its own rules and the ways of the pride into which it was born.  In fact, it can be quite violent towards humans.

Despite looking cute and friendly, and exactly the same, feral cats are a completely different creature to domesticated cats.

The primary difference between the learning experiences of feral cats and domesticated cats is that the latter are brought-up from birth sharing affection, ‘language’ and interaction.  There’s a natural form of co-dependence.

Affection, ‘language’ and interaction are what is NOT happening between humans and the recent generations of feral street-wankers and scum kids.  These kids are being allowed to grow-up on their own without proper guidance, away from the important domestic human contact.  This is why they have built their moral grounding from other kids and the school playground and the immature ‘street’ rule of law.

The school playground and ‘street’ rule of law goes right the way back to the primal instincts of survival of the fittest, and taking whatever you want when you want, with the weak missing out to the strong.

Normal humans were shocked by the video from the riots of the hurt and bleeding teenager surrounded by other teenagers who appeared to be helping him to his feet.  Within moments and without a real care they were helping themselves to the contents of his back-pack and just strolling away leaving him on his own. It’s a video that made some people cry.  That’s because they don’t understand the rules of the street.

He was an innocent and frightened victim, not a looter or a rioter, but had he been part of one of the gangs he would have been treated in exactly the same way.  In the feral gang world he will be considered a ‘fallen soldier’.  His property is to be distributed to those who hurt him or within his own gang.  After all, a ‘fallen soldier’ has no use for his stuff any more, has he?

Yes, it is the way of the street kids.  They form into postcode or estate based ‘gangs’, or ‘packs’, and will regularly roam about attacking the weakest from other packs.  They actually consider that it is a right to have anything somebody else might have, and so taking it is to them ‘normal’.  Even in their own pack there will be the regular mugging of the weakest.  Most of their lives are spent growing in an environment where the stronger within them will take from the weaker.  It’s all they know.  It’s how life at school works, and it’s how post-school life works.

Nobody is immune, and virtually all kids will have been mugged by others, and most will have mugged.  That is how they live.  It’s their way.

The reason why large numbers of teenagers have rolled back to this very basic stage of evolution is because nobody has given them any form of guidance or boundaries.  Usually, this is because of the culture of no consequence born of the climate of fear of punishment for taking any stand.

The madness of legislation, the madness of the liberal wet do-gooders, the madness of political correctness, the madness of stupid trends and ignorance of the results, and the resultant state of fear, have given us a society in which parents are not allowed to properly discipline or try to control their children.  Teachers are not allowed to discipline or try to control their pupils and students.  The police are not allowed to do anything beyond a very basic level of intervention for fear of repercussions. 

Courts, worrying about the human rights of the criminals rather than the human rights of their victims, don’t impose any form of deterrent sentencing, or do anything to protect normal people by keeping offenders out of society.  Neighbours are not allowed to complain or to object to damage done, and all too quickly even self-defence inside one’s own home is unacceptable and likely to be rewarded by a prison sentence whilst the robber gets to go free to enjoy a huge pay-out for being hurt.

Instead of parents, teachers, society and authority giving the children any form of leadership, structure, feeling of ‘point’ and ‘worth’, and role-modelling to grow towards, they only get this from the leaders of the gangs they are forced to be part of.

And, as with all things feral, the gangs are usually controlled by the most vicious, most disruptive, most frightening and psycho teenagers from the estate or postcode.

That’s why, like the killers of James Bulger, they just can’t see the bigger picture or the moral perspective of how it’s wrong to attack and hurt people and their property, and, as they know there’s never any real consequence for them doing what they want when they want, they just do it and laugh about doing it.

Unfortunately, we now have multiple generations of feral families that have only ever lived this way, and so even today’s feral parents just think it’s fun and exciting that their kids are out burning and looting, such is their lack of moral values or care about other humans or consequences.

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  1. Some of us read Lord of the Flies decades ago. And, were intelligent enough to understand it.

    As you would be asked for posting bollocks resembling this on Wikipedia, provide a citation for your “multiple generations of feral families”.


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