The bots of Islam

I’ve always been careful when it comes to exposing myself.  I’ve always used protection.  It also helps to fully understand what I’m doing.

Thus, to date, no computer under my care has ever been infected by a virus or malware.  It probably helps that I never download and play games or suspicious porn.  But, I’m probably a bit more OCD about it than the average person.

Ignorance, along with crass stupidity, is usually to blame for those who, despite hearing all the warnings, still get themselves a bad dose of the computer pox.

A lot of stuff that lodges itself on ‘unprotected’ laptops and PCs, serves to pop-up random yet annoying adverts, steal passwords and log-in info, especially for banks or anything containing credit card details.  The only thing the dumb user really notices is their computer slows to a snail’s pace, and they can’t go anywhere on the internet without dozens of pop-ups.

Probably the most sinister infection is the one during which nothing appears to happen.  A simple ‘bot‘ gets conveniently lodged in the depths of the operating system like a fertilised egg gluing itself to the wall of a uterus. A bit like a fertilised egg, it can exist there for quite some time without being noticed.

Bots‘ come in many shapes and sizes, but they tend to be a benign slave element waiting to be activated by a special command.  On receipt of the command to wake up and become active they will then turn the home computer into a pawn, a zombie, a soldier, in an army with a single purpose.

Typically, a bot will start to make ‘Denial of Service’ requests, ie, lots of repeated requests for a specific website.  One computer doing this makes no real difference, but bots are usually activated in their thousands.  When thousands of infected computers are all sending repeated requests, then the destination website can be ‘taken down’ or run at a crawl as far as anybody else is concerned.  Bots in the hand of he or she who wishes to use other people’s computers as zombies to hurt other computers are an almost impossible menace to fight.

Now then.  In so many ways, the ‘bots‘ installed on innocent home computers are very similar to the ‘bots‘ installed into people who are infected with a religion virus, such as Islam, Christianity, etc.

When a religion is downloaded into a child by its parents, part of that download appears to include the full installation of the malware ‘bots‘.  These stay silent inside the human being and, like the home computer, the humans can lead a fairly normal life, just getting on with whatever it is that they do that’s normal.

That is, until the bot inside them is somehow sent a signal and ‘activated’.

Somehow a command triggers the bot that’s lodged inside the victim’s brain and all logic relating to the respect and preservation of life gets displaced.  It doesn’t feel abnormal, but the activated victim knows they must collate and collect the components, plot, plan and ultimately do something that causes maximum death and destruction, including to themselves, if necessary.

Everything about the victim’s life carries on as normal, just with the additional task of building to the point where they blow innocent people up.  In this respect, a suicide bomber can chatter, laugh and joke, play with his children, and act completely normally right up until a few moments before he/she gets into position and causes maximum death and destruction.

Islam seems very efficient at activating the ‘bots‘ compared to either of the other Middle Eastern religion viruses.

For infected computers we install various additional programs to hunt down and delete the sleeping bots before damage is done.

Is it not time that all people infected with the religion virus were checked for the installation of bots designed to allow them to kill and maim?