It’s time for demos!

Thursday 10AM 18 October 2012 in London
HM Treasury 1 Horse Guards Road,
London SW1A 2HQ
Rally outside HM Treasury at 10 am
for video messages, photos, talk to the press and media
Deliver our postcards to Chancellor George Osborne

(We have informed the Westminster police of our plans and that it will be small max 10 and static outside the Treasury from 10am -11.30am)

Britain has the toughest climate legislation in the world, which is hurting families, businesses and jobs. Green isn’t working to make our lives better.

We all know that without energy, there is no way to light and heat our homes, pump water, store food, medicine, run computers, operate machinery, travel to work, or communicate with the rest of the world. It is a cornerstone of modern civilization, yet 7 million people across Britain live in fuel poverty. This is unacceptable.

Instead of improving our lives Britain’s Climate Change Act has manufactured energy scarcity in the age of energy abundance. It is making fuel poverty much worse. Fuel and energy have become too expensive for millions of hard-pressed families. The average dual energy bill is £1,300 and if the climate policies remain in force bills will double by 2030.

Thousands of businesses, are now uncompetitive, and at risk, because of green climate taxes and the obsession with costly windfarms and CO2 reductions targets. These green policies only benefit the green elite, large landowners, MPs and officials with green vested interests, at the expense of everyone else. Well we have had enough!

These policies aren’t even helping to reduce global CO2 emissions (global emissions are up 5.8%), but they are hurting jobs now. We are all struggling with an uncertain economic future, with high unemployment (especially among youth) we need cheaper energy now more than ever.

Please support our campaign for repeal of the Climate Change Act, because ‘Green isn’t working’ to either modernise our energy supply or create jobs in the real economy. We need a debate and change green politics.

Come and join our Green isn’t working small scale demo and oppose the “Stop Climate Chaos Coalition”‘s PR photo stunt Green is working. The coalition of Green NGOs are again pretending to represent civil society in support of the Climate Change Act. This group will wear a uniform of black coats, green ties and green hard hats – “Green workers”. They intend to march down the street in front of the Treasury waving NGO flags in the style of Green Nazi storm troopers at 10.30am! (Honestly, you couldn’t make it up!)

These professional ‘Sock Puppet’ Green NGOs do not represent civil society and increase the democratic deficit.

Read the IEA report on the ‘Sock Puppet’ NGOsHow the government lobbies itself and why.” (here)

We expect this to be a small scale demonstration of 5-10 people to meet the press. This is also our opportunity to let the government, NGOs and the press know how we feel about windfarms, green taxes on our energy bills, the destruction of our countryside and increasing fuel poverty.

10 am meet outside HM Treasury. Deliver our two postcards to the Chancellor George Osborne, ‘Green isn’t working’ and ‘Axe CO2 super tax’.
10.15 am video speeches/messages on why you feel Green isn’t working (let me know if you wish to say a few words on camera. This video will be on Youtube and our repealtheact website and emailed to MPs.
10.30 am Let the green NGO know why green isn’t working.
10.45 am Walk to Parliament Square – Take more photos video protest messages for youtube.
11 am Following our Green isn’t working demo we will go to Parliament Square to take photos and from 11.30 am meet press and media around Old Palace Yard SW1P 3JY.
11.45 am Go to St Stephen’s Tavern pub for a pint/ tea, a chat and lunch – (at 10 Bridge Street, Westminster).

What to bring and what to do: 

You can download posters for demo placards and flyers via our website.  Let’s tell MPs and media why ‘Green isn’t working.’ (we will also have a few placards to handout) 

Come prepared with a message of why Green isn’t working (for our youtube protest video we will email to MPs.) 

Take the opportunity to speak to the press and media present either, outside the Treasury or in Parliament Square area which will be there to cover the Green’s media stunt.

Some key points – Green policies are doing more harm than good:

Windfarms are increasing fuel poverty – now hitting 7 million people.

There were 2700 deaths last year due to fuel poverty.

Save the Children for the first time in 90 years has had to campaign to support hungry children in Britain – It shouldn’t happen here. The increasing cost of energy bills, which have just gone up 8% is the major cause of the increase in child poverty.

Windfarms are destroying historic landscapes, apart of our cultural heritage.

Windfarms cannot meet our energy needs and will lead to 70’s style blackouts.

Green climate taxes are increasing the cost of public transport – railfares up 11%

The Carbon Floor Price, will not save the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, but will be a CO2 super tax which will increase fuel poverty to 12 million.

The ‘Green Deal’ will only benefit the well off who can afford to insulate their homes anyway.

Subsidies for green jobs are costly and lead to lost jobs in the real economy.

CO2 taxes are putting 600,000 jobs at risk in the energy intensive industries.

Airlines and UK tourism are being hurt by green taxes.

Biofuels have increased hunger, suffering and poverty around the globe.

Repeal the Act! has been campaigning to repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act and end windfarm subsidies since 2010. Our Green isn’t working campaign has highlighted the negative impacts of both climate legislation, green energy targets, green taxes and the proposed Carbon Floor Price.

The Repeal the Act! Committee feels we all have a democratic right to participate in the political debate on Britain’s climate and energy future.

The proposal for a Climate Change Bill was never openly debated or included in any political party manifestos. The public were never given the opportunity to vote for or against climate legislation, even though it is the most costly bill ever to go through parliament and is now having many negative impacts on our daily lives.

We want to have an open debate, because Green isn’t working to make our lives better.

Repeal the Act! is a non-partisan campaign of volunteers. We seek to give a voice to the general public – the silent majority – who put economic stability and growth before concerns about the environment. If we have a strong economy we can adapt to global warming and cooling.

According to the Met Office data there has been no global warming for 16 years!

Visit our website at or contact