More old people set to die this winter from the cold

Fuel bills are set to go up yet again this Christmas as we, the consumers, have to pay the enormous subsidy the operators of the highly inefficient ‘wind farms’ get regardless of their ability to generate actual electricity when it’s needed.

That’s a bit like having no choice but to pay to subsidise somebody else’s chosen private hobby of stuffed toy collecting.  It’s not good, offers no benefit for us, and it’s about as pointless.

The highly financed climate change fearmongering industry has made sure that we have no choice but to finance these wild and wacky schemes designed to ensure that the millionaire socialists behind them remain rich at our expense.

Of course, what should be happening is that electricity should be being produced by the most efficient and cheapest means available to us.  Remove all the silly financial penalties invented by the climate change fearmongering industry and you have very cheap nuclear, then gas, then coal, and finally wind farms as your answer.

However, the financial penalties designed by those promoting their obscure climate change religion make it almost impossible to run coal fired power stations, pretty hard to operate gas fired power stations, and despite being the cleanest and most efficient, historically the environment industry has an irrational fear of nuclear power generation, so puts up as many objections as it can in order to stop it too.

Their irrational fear of nuclear power stations is a bit like an irrational fear of flying.  In their case, they want to ban absolutely all aeroplanes because a tiny percentage have, over time since they were initially invented, crashed and killed people.  They ignore the much higher percentage of deaths related to car transportation; they want to ban the planes.

Likewise they ignore the far greater number of calamities and casualties associated with other methods of generating electricity, picking on the one they don’t understand and so instantly and irrationally wanting it banned!

Craftily they’ve huffed and they’ve puffed over recent decades to ensure that the weight of financial penalties faced by coal power stations (one of the largest methods of producing electricity) is such that they are having to pay millions of Pounds in meaningless ‘carbon taxes’.  Where a ‘unit’ of electricity may have once cost a ‘Penny’ to generate, it now costs a ‘Pound’ because of the crazy ‘taxes’.

Technically, of course, it still only costs a ‘Penny’ to generate, it’s just those with their green agenda’s financial penalties make it cost a Pound.  That cost, naturally, isn’t a real cost. It’s a false cost forced onto the British public based on the madness of the false belief in human-made climate change.  It has to then be passed on to the end consumer. Us.

During these hard times, the ordinary people just can’t afford to keep paying ever increasing fuel bills in order to make these millionaire socialists and eco-agenda propagators even richer.  It’s seriously starting to hurt.

How many more deaths of the old, the infirm, those cash-strapped proud folk, from fuel poverty will we have to endure before we see sense and say we’re not going to take it any more?

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  1. The poor also have to subsidise those wealthy enough to afford to put solar panels on their roof via feed in tariffs for electricity generated in residential areas during the daytime (daylight) when it is least required. Strange really…


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