Britain after Scotland leaves us

The people of Scotland no longer wish to be British.  Well, ok, some of the people of Scotland no longer wish to be British.  They want to break away from having any rule from Westminster, and be directly ruled by the European Union in Brussels with a few remaining things decided by their own parliament.

(Our Union flag (Union Jack) once Scotland are no longer part of us)

I’m not Scottish, I’m English, and so am used to not being allowed to have a national identity without feeling dirty.

In that respect I have to applaud the Scots wanting independence, and I assume, the Euro, as they become absorbed as a direct European state.  It makes sense to ‘cut out the middle man’ buffer as Britain now effectively is.

England has spent over a hundred years in decline and confusion, so we have a lot to be jealous of if/when Scotland fucks off. We will be left behind, stuck in the limbo we have endured for some time as the convenient dustbin and melting pot we never got asked if we wanted to be.  We will have hands tied by Brussels, but, unlike Scotland, no real home rule or national pride and identity.

Indeed, just as with the illegal immigrants waiting in Calais, France, desperate to cross the border into England, there will come a time when the English will be doing the same but waiting to cross the newly established border into Scotland.  Hopefully, just as there is no requirement for immigrants into England to speak English, but a huge industry built on the back of the language barrier, Scotland will not force us to speak their official national language of Scottish Gaelic.  Actually, since more people in Scotland speak Urdu than speak Gaelic, maybe we’ll all got forced to learn it together when some of us English asylum seekers get granted Scottish leave to stay.

Without Scotland, the Union flag (also known as the Union Jack when in maritime use) will look far less blue of course.  Blue is a very ‘shouty’ and loud colour.  But, more of the English flag will show, so maybe we won’t feel so swallowed up and intimidated by the shouting as we have previously.

Hopefully it won’t be long before England has its own government and its own TV and radio stations (Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland all have theirs), and with us no longer having to throw money into Scotland in order for it to survive, and without their ‘royal’ banks screwing us for more and more, we will have loadsamoney and be able to afford street parties and pensions all over again.

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  1. the scots will be begging to rejoin the uk within 10 years, they'll have no nhs to put right all the chain smoking meths drinking glaswegians. the ones wh are all claiming incapacity benefit will all have to go out there and find a job, ha ha, a job, in scotland of all places ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How will they survive, let's face it apart from whiskey, haggis and tunnocks caramel wafers what do they produce that can't be produced elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let them have their independence, and let england be richer once more.


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