Australians forced into fuel poverty

Tomorrow, July 1st 2012, Australians have to start paying a very silly tax.  It’s called a Carbon tax.

It’s weird that it’s called a ‘carbon’ tax, because it’s actually a ‘carbon dioxide’ tax.  Carbon is a very hard rock, in fact diamonds are carbon based, but more commonly sooty messes and badly burned ‘dirty’ things are looked at as being ‘carbon’.

On the other hand, carbon dioxide is a harmless gas that the vast majority of the species on this planet consume as their life-giving food.  Other species such as ourselves, excrete carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is also produced as a by-product of different industrial processes.

The atmosphere is made up of many different gases, with carbon dioxide being just under 0.04% of it.  That’s barely detectable.

For some inexplicable reason, carbon dioxide is being picked on by the eco-loonies and demonised as bad.  I can only guess this is in the same way that parts of humanity will do the complete opposite – that is covet and revere – when it comes to one of carbon’s forms, diamonds.  Yep, in the same, yet opposite way, there are a significant yet decreasing number of folks who don’t covet and revere the odourless and harmless plant food gas but hate it.  It is the latest ‘thing’ that they have decided to pick on and to blame for the end of the world.  Whenever the world doesn’t end, they move on and pick something else to blame.  For now it’s carbon dioxide.

And so it has come to pass that a minority of countries around the world have decided to turn their economies upside down and to put spiralling costs onto the population via Carbon (Dioxide) Taxes.  Random things have suddenly had this massive tax hike put onto them, making food and fuel bills soar.

From tomorrow, the Australian government’s Carbon Tax will send millions of Australians into fuel poverty, with some items increasing overnight in their costs to the point where prices will double or even treble.  We already have sudden outrageously high fuel and utility bills in the UK, and across Europe, interestingly coinciding with, and contributing to, the economic collapse.  Now, ordinary Australians are to join the poverty party they had previously missed out on.

From tomorrow, Australians will be paying $77.3Million A WEEK in carbon tax.

And one of the strangest ‘Big Brother’ aspects of all this is that the Australian utility and energy companies being forced to pay this massive tax are not allowed to attribute their consequential outrageous price rises to the government’s carbon tax.  They’ve been threatened with fines of over a $1.1Million if they dare say anything to consumers about the real reasons why energy bills are doubling.

Something is very wrong with all this!