Dydd Gwŷl Dewi hapus

March is the month for the Irish to celebrate their Irishness.  They do this by getting very drunk on the 17th, St Patrick’s Day.

(Please use your felt tip pens on your screen to colour me in)

Today, Welsh school children will be colouring in their pictures of dragons, and celebrating their Welshness, for St David’s Day.  Well, apparently that’s what I used to have to do as a child living just outside of Swansea many many years ago.


When April 23rd comes English people will, as usual, stand around apologising for being English and anybody mentioning it being St George’s Day will of course be screamed at and arrested for being a racist.

It would be nice if things were different and the English didn’t feel any intimidation when it comes to celebrating their national day later this year.  It should be as fun as St David’s Day is for the Welsh.

So then.  We’ve got just over a month to make things different this year.  Will we?  Naaaah.