No prosecuting of racist Diane Abbot again

When Diane Abbott showed her true, er, colours, with her latest racist outburst, what struck me most was how she actually had no idea how racist she actually is. She just doesn’t get it.

The unacceptable face of racism in Britain 

Much in the same way as some of the very older generations of the White population might use inappropriate words when describing non-Whites, so too with Abbott is there an entrenched embedded ignorance behind her racism.  These types of racists just don’t realise they are doing it.

Until only a few years ago I lived and worked in London. London just is multi-cultural, full-stop.  It is almost impossible to find a workplace in London with all workers coming from the same place, let alone the same race. London is an uninhabited island into which people commute daily from extremely diverse and different geographical areas. At night everybody goes home, back to the ‘four corners’ of the world from which they came.  Were people to be travelling from their homes to visits co-workers in their homes, it might take them two hours.

So, already used to all coming from different areas on the outskirts of London, workers are primed and ready to accept co-workers from different ethnic backgrounds.

Ok, it’s not that simple and it’s not been that easy.  But, it has been easier than elsewhere in the UK.

Coming to Liverpool, which is populated by a predominantly White race that lacks mobility and so everybody knows everybody and has lived where they live forever and nobody lives more that half an hour away from each other, I was surprised by the level of racism I encountered.

Still ringing in my ears is the voice of the mother of an 18 year old about to be employed as a cleaner who told me she was concerned by all the foreigners in the place her daughter might be working.  When challenged, she told me that they were “Polish and Eastern Europeans” (in fact, at the time they were 70% Polish, 36% English, 4% Irish) who were “Well known for kidnapping and raping young girls”.  This statement completely floored me.

Like Diane Abbott, the mother had absolutely no idea that what she was saying was wrong.  It was beyond her comprehension that negative stereotyping a whole race with an outrageous claim might be wrong.

Abbott is of course a professional bigot.  She has made a good living out of the division in our society based on race.

Indeed, the ‘race relations’ industry is a multi-million Pound industry that has lined the pockets of many racists over the decades.  The whole scam of legitimised racism under the banner ‘positive discrimination’ still brings memories of a time when people were not judged fit for employment by their ability but by the colour of their skin.

That can never be right, and it never fosters good relations or breaks down barriers.  It is actually carefully designed to increase the division and unrest needed in order to fuel the race relations industry.

But, my final thought about Abbot is one of despair.  She’s an intelligent woman.  Well, we are told.  Yet to be completely unaware that she is a racist seems unbelievable in this modern age.

Why hasn’t she been sent on the diversity awareness training that all the rest of us have?

More importantly, why hasn’t she resigned and been prosecuted for her remarks?

Is it because she’s Black?