Tribalism is destroying Britain

What are the main problems of this human species?


We are our own enemies, our own predators. But why?

Tribalism; the idea that we should huddle together in groups fearing change and looking suspiciously at other groups.  From the child originating violent and hating ‘gangs’ based on the few streets or estate on which one lives, through to tribes based on a religious belief, we seem to have a problem.

A real problem that’s getting worse.

I’m always suspicious of those who declare themselves to be against racism with one breath and then supportive of breaking down society into tribes with another breath, and I think we might be in grave danger if it doesn’t stop soon.  These people need to have their double standards highlighted for all to see the damage they are causing.

In its extreme we’ve seen how tribalism within our own country will lead to members of one tribe quite happily suicide bombing other tribes within our own country.  Such is the erosion of a united identity and pride.

Looking across the world what we see is country after country divided and fighting internally because of its tribalism and the encouragement of separatism.

We are told that multiculturalism is good for Britain.  If this meant humans disregarding their different tribes of origin (“heritage”) in favour of living and working together in one geographical area, then yes it would be good.   However, all that happens is that tribes live parallel lives in the same geographical area, not speaking to each other, not interacting, not sharing, not trusting and certainly not really tolerating or even understanding the differences.  This leads to suspicion and fear and war.  Already within Britain we are at war with each other and its going to get worse unless we address it head on instead of pussy-footing around.

What was once a United Kingdom is becoming extremely and dangerously disunited in a way that is constantly being encouraged.  Even by dissolving power into Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland we are encouraging further division and separatism rather than encouraging unity.  Indeed, with the Welsh language being actively encouraged and growing in use as a defiant act of tribalism we are moving towards a situation where we won’t even be able to understand each other and enter into dialogue any more.  The same is happening in Scotland.  Had it not been blocked by public opinion revolting against it, England itself would have commenced being broken down into separate parts by now.

All of this is in stark contrast to the European Union move towards a single purpose and unity.  Paradoxically it is also the European Union that is the primary instigator of the encouragement to division and separatism. Ultimately this can all only lead to further European disunity and prejudice.

Looking around the world the countries with internal unrest and civil war we see are the ones erupting as a result of extended periods of encouraged division and tribalism.  Countries embracing the differences by teaching and acting with equality and a sense of unity across all are the places of peace and greater understanding.

Here in Britain we look with despair at the mistrust and turf wars that play out within the teenage population, leading to shootings and stabbings, and we seem puzzled that it is happening.  We shouldn’t be.  Our policies of encouraging tribalism, separatism and anything but a single united common pride and purpose are to blame.

We are killing our children, and the killing won’t stop until we change our message.

Sadly, changing the message might interfere with the bigger picture and greater agenda of those who wish the division to continue for more sinister reasons.  What hope is there for the UNITED Kingdom or Planet Earth?


  1. I agree with most of this article, however the use of the Welsh Language is not a an act of defiance. It is merely people wanting to speak their native tounge having been almost purposefully wiped out by another “tribe.” This is an example of trible behaviour by some people in England, seeing Wales as part of England and thinking Welsh is only used to defy the English. This subconcious assumption of superiority is an even greater harm to the union.


  2. …but what use is the Welsh language? Why teach it in schools? Wouldn't Chinese, Spanish, French & German be more use for the kids as they grow up? (Maybe they'd get jobs) – or is it just a plot to halve the size of road signs.

    It's happening in Scotland now, road signs half in Gaelic and only 36 people speak Gaelic. Fools, a STOP sign should be large and say STOP!

    If it's OK to be a separatist Welsh, Scottish or Muslim tribes, why are there riots every time someone suggests any sort of English nationalism? Not permitted. Sad really, to be English, but at least we're currently having a break from being governed by Scots at Westminster.

    Can't wait for the referendum on Independence for England!


  3. I have to agree with a lot of what Chris says, but think he is a bit wrong on the Welsh bit. I live in West Wales, just north of the Landsker, which is the old Norman instigated language and cultural border between the English and Welsh speaking areas of Pembrokeshire.

    Many of my village's inhabitants are first language Welsh speakers, but it is a fact that should I be in the pub or a meeting with them, they will always speak English amongst themselves and to me so that I am included in everything. I even get an occasional apology if they veer into Welsh whilst I am present. Although they are getting wise to the fact that I do understand quite a lot of Welsh and can follow conversations to a large degree.

    As Rhys has alluded to, the English, when they invaded Wales, legally stopped Welsh being used in courts, education and commerce and punished people for speaking their own language. I had a great aunt who would not speak English because as a child she was beaten for speaking Welsh in school.

    The interesting thing is that although America and England are full of Irish, Scots and Welsh, only the Welsh don't make a huge song and dance about their heritage. There have even been USA presidents of Welsh descent, yet they never made anything of it, yet the Kennedys thrived on their Irish ancestry. Wales and Cornwall are the last surviving areas of Britain where many descendants of the people who lived in the area of what is now known as England used to live. They were pushed west by the Viking and Saxon/Angle invaders. The Brythonic language (from which Welsh and Cornish derive) was spoken by the original inhabitants of modern-day England. Therefore one could argue that Welsh should be the official language of England!

    I'm a little bit on the fence, born in London to Welsh parents (one a Welsh speaker), but raised in Wales from 3 months old. But I have lived the majority of my life in England, plus a few years in Scotland, but back living in Wales for the last 9 years. I do have some English (Devonian) ancestry on my father's side, but to all intents and purposes I tend to identify myself as Welsh if pushed. I find I have more in common and a similar outlook to more Europeans I have met than Americans or people of a Arab or Eastern heritage. Although I know that sounds a bit stereotypical!

    I don't buy into this United Kingdom business at all, I'm a republican first and foremost, and I think we should celebrate all our different traditions, languages and cultures. But come together when it matters such as stopping bigotry, religious intolerance, and stopping the rich from making the rest of us even poorer.

    One final thought, might be an idea for the English to repeal the old bye-laws in Chester and Hereford which allow inhabitants to shoot Welsh people on sight with a bow and arrow if found within the town walls after dark!


  4. That BBC page doesn't actually have a high 'confidence' level about it, to be honest. It's written in a very 'woolly' fashion, so I'm not convinced it is a myth. However, the concept of being able to shoot Welsh people late at night if they are seen in Chester is one that could be opened up to include a whole variety of additional annoying folk, too. So, let's not be too hasty about repealing it entirely! 🙂


  5. I still cant understand how people can support an article which deplores tribalism, then insults, jeers and want to detroy the language of another “tribe”. Surely this is tribalism in its most raw form!!! The argument posted by Marsyas suggests that it is ok to be a separitist in Wales Scotland but not in England, by definition is separtion not the partition from existing institutions, what would change in an independent England, the UK's institutions and system of government is a continuation of the English one. As for the comment on being ruled by the Scots, surely the whole idea of the union is for equal opportunity and aspiration for a citizen of either England, Wales or Scotland. Is it perfectly acceptable for an Englishman to rule over Wales and Scotland, but unthinkable for a Scot to govern England??


  6. The bottom line is that the English have no control over their own country, for their own tribe. The other countries (Is Wales actually a 'country'?) of the Union have their own control, determination and self-rule (ok, extremely limited by the EU and by what powers exactly are dissolved from the BRITISH Parliament), whilst England has to put up with its only rule being by the BRITISH parliament. This means that in issues relating to England, we have to put up with interference from Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish MPs.

    It cannot be right that England doesn't have home rule, whilst the other parties of the Union do. Or. It cannot be right for any part of the Union to act in a separatist manner. So, either give England home rule, or remove it from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


  7. Rhys. It is surely desirable for all parts of the Union to take part in the Union government at Westminster, if they want to. It only becomes an issue when people start stirring for elitist “home rule” when the balance of power at Westminster has been held for many years by the 40 or so Scottish Labour MPs, a disproportionate few of whom of whom served in the last Labour government's cabinet.

    Had the last government not, with the aid of the two Scottish banks, RBS & HBOS, proceeded to ruin the entire UK economy for the next generation, I might feel less inclined to support “home rule” and to send the 40 Scottish MPs home to rule the Scots. Perhaps the 20 Welsh Labour MPs could go home and rule Wales if Plaid Cymru get their way. England would then be permanently be governed by the Tories…erm, on second thoughts, please stay!


  8. First off, yes Wales is a country as defined by the International Organisation of Standards, end of that bigoted and belittling argument.
    The bottom line is also that of the 650 MP's in Westminster, 533 are English, whilst Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland have 52, 30 and 16 respectively. The voting power of English MP's is vastly superior to all other nations combined. The point being that most legislation would have to be in its nature of more benefit to England than any other Region. This allows legislation to be passed in Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland even if no Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish MP voted for it at all, this cannot be the case in England. For example the Tryweryn Valley was flooded and a village destroyed to provide Liverpool with water, this is despite the no votes of 35 out of 36 Welsh MP's. The hard fact is that 82% of the members of the house are English MP's, and that there is little likelihood of these MP's voting in any obvious anti-English Legislation. It is mathematically possible however for these MP's to pass anti-Celtic Legislation (although I’m not suggesting they would have any intention or desire too). Surely you can understand the need for a degree of political independence in smaller parts of the union to compensate for the sheer numbers of English MP's? Can you explicitly state any specifically anti-English Legislation passed by Parliament?
    I must also state that I am a passionate Unionist and Monarchist and believe in the United Kingdom. Personally, I do think that politically there is little requirement for an English Parliament, for the reasons mentioned above. I can recognise the emotional and patriotic need for an English Parliament however. There is nothing wrong with showing pride in Englishness, just as there is nothing wrong having pride in anyone’s own land, and this should be embraced, just as Britishness should.


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