‘Climate Change’ is really about population control

As the lies of those who want us to believe that we are facing man made climate change continue to unravel and the public slowly gets to see as near as they can what’s really going on, I thought it might be a good time to take stock, and maybe point to what’s really going on. It’s very very frightening.

Firstly, what’s my armchair pundit’s position? Ok, well obviously I’m not a climate scientist. But, I am a realist and can apply scientifically based ‘logical tests’ to evidence as presented. I am not a fan of ‘he said she said’ and prefer to go to the source. The bottom line for me is that I’d say two things are definite when it comes to global warming/cooling. Will I be arrested or hounded out of my home for saying this? Not yet, but for how long am I safe?

1) If there is any longer term warming/cooling it has not yet been proven to be anything beyond a natural cyclic event seen many times before on planet Earth.

2) If humans are in some way contributing to climate change, no evidence has yet been found or presented that satisfactorily demonstrates the linking of any of our emissions to actual climate change.

Secondly, the bizarre thing that has happened to this whole climate change “science” worries me beyond anything that has worried me before. It should worry us all if we want to remain as free as we can and out of the control of others.

Here’s the thing: We seem to have those who aren’t interested in the actual science, but just WANT to believe that we are heading to some man-made catastrophe. They want this far more than they wanted the world to end because of ‘Y2K’ or the ‘Millennium Bug’. They are so devoted to their climate catastrophe faith rather than looking at the actual and evolving science, that anybody who asks for more evidence, more debate, more research, or dares suggest the motion that man is changing climate is not yet carried, becomes tarred with the brush that labels them a “Climate Denier”.

Yep, asking for more proof or for the base research data or to go back to the origin of climate ‘facts’ is not allowed in the “believer’s” world. They want the “deniers” to repent and beg for forgiveness for their sins of not believing by shouting at or intimidating them. To this end, ‘facts’ and figures and research data is hidden from the public. Gangs of the “believers” will go through Wikipedia changing history to fit their motion, lobby peer review magazines to not publish articles that don’t adhere to the faith-line, and stifle any form of questioning or debate.

These people are not scientific. They have created a new religion. They have no interest in continued investigating or logical testing of the data. Their mind is already made up. And it’s all based on faith not science.

So what we now have is a religion masquerading as a science. Not too dissimilar to how Intelligent Design masqueraded as science. Many eco-loonies and enviro-wankers have complete faith in their faith and have now so tightly closed their mind to debate or the input of new or reviewed evidence that we can’t ‘save’ these people from their cult. They are as gone as are any other group with a major religious belief.

Now to the conspiracy bit. This is all about some small global elite making money, but hey, when isn’t a religion?

Remember, I am not normally a conspiracy theorist; I used to think they were fun and nothing more. Until now.

You see, globally, there is now a huge industry being created and growing at a massive wildfire rate that taxes and then sets limits on and buys and sells … carbon emissions. This is weird and bizarre. Think about it for a moment: It’s a mad as when, in the (original) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, some new settlers to the planet Earth declared the leaf to be the currency, and set about a massive deforestation by fire exercise in order to limit and control the currency. It’s as laughable and doesn’t really make any sense, but it is happening and it is about ‘control’.

The carbon ‘control’ industry wants to dominate the world with rules about how and what we are allowed to do as countries, towns, villages or individuals. There are rumours about population control, keeping new birth numbers down in order to meet carbon emission targets – all of which can of course can be offset by carbon trading – in other words, money money money. Loads of money.

The whole climate change scam is now being shown as one big global conspiracy far removed from real science, but it is snowballing out of the realists’ ability to control or stop. It is big money. It is control over the developing world. It is keeping the poor poorer and lining the pockets of the few, but on a global scale.

Are we too late to stop this? Probably. Here’s why:

Legislation already forces me to have to ‘believe’ in all the enviro-nonsense. I’m not allowed free will, but will suffer penalties if I don’t recycle or spend my time sorting my waste into the relevant different piles and their relevant different bins for the relevant different collectors to come and pick up. Just like prayer in any religion helps to reinforce that faith, so does all this time in the kitchen sorting and sifting through my trash. Most from within a faith don’t question prayer or see ‘outside’ to the bigger picture of just how they are being controlled. Likewise, the majority of all the millions of us doing this pointless sorting and sifting exercise just ‘accept’ the new rules about sorting and sifting through all our used rubbish and do as they are told. And so the indoctrination continues.

Next stage will come more legislation about how much energy I can use, what car I can drive, what clothes I can wear, what food I can eat. Tighter and tighter the control will get. All in the name of climate change and helping save the environment.

How many children will I be allowed to have? Will they cut off the internet to stop us freely communicating and pretend it’s to stop us emitting so much carbon? Will my free-will soon be gone by legislation?

All of this control over us will be done by continuing to feed us bad science from bad scientists, controlling us (for our own good!) in what seems a very plausible way that we will just accept.

Unless the truth about the lies of climate science can properly come out and be freely shared to everybody everywhere, all we will be allowed to do is do as we are told and thank them for letting us be part of an imaginary saving of the world.

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  1. Whatever you say CE you are right about one thing. There is a steady, creeping climate of control that is pervading the so called free world and it is all heading to the inevitable world government where we will be permitted to breath free air but where everything else will come at a price.
    Freedom of speech will be curtailed and the only form of communication will be via heavily cencored digital means that is restricted to very tight boundaries.
    All of this will be done to benefit the rich and powerfull and to keep the masses firmly in their place so that they can produce the wealth that only the leaders will have access to.
    Now is the time to organise the revolution and educate the masses before we are all ground into the dust.


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