Slow food fast takeaway

There are many things that bother or puzzle me.  Sometimes, things that seem so obvious to me are actually more complex than I realise. This may be one of them.

Having written about many sociological events and, from the comfort of my armchair, been able to have changed the world and make it a better place, I turn now to takeaway food.

Yum! Tasty slow-cooked food

You may, or may not, know that across Liverpool, as with so many other areas, the ‘takeaway’ is commonly called the ‘chippie’.  The main product on sale is a potato that has been sliced into shapes and bleached through being deep fried in greasy fat or an oil slick.  A process that takes next to no time.  In other parts of the world this might be called ‘fries’ or even ‘French fries’, but here they are ‘chips’.

Most ‘takeaway’ food is fast-to-make-food.  It is bought because the individual is too fat and lazy to prepare food themselves. But, here’s the thing, why isn’t ‘takeaway food’ slow food?  I mean, coming home from work and preparing a turkey, slow cooking it, preparing the vegetables, cooking them, roasting parsnips, etc., all takes forever.  By the time everything is ready, you’ve died of starvation or given up and gone to bed very hungry ‘cos in the morning you’ve got to get up for another 12 hour day at work.

To prepare some meals takes hours, and we don’t have hours. Isn’t that where the ‘takeaway’ should really come in?  Shouldn’t we be favouring ‘takeaways’ that let us take away food that we seriously don’t have the time to prepare and cook?

Yes we should.

So, why don’t we?

The answer seems to be because there aren’t any.

But, why aren’t there?

Surely Takeaways should be of good quality food that would take forever to prepare at home.  Yet, what’s the betting that were I to open such a place it would bomb immediately.  People don’t seem to be interested in quality food.  They just want quick fix unhealthy stuff, and they’re too lazy to produce it themselves.

And all this is before the food riots and near famine we can expect across the UK in the next few years, when quality food will be out of the price reach of most of the population and all that will be had will be potatoes and rice.  Ah.  That’s a good point.  Will the stupid obese underclasses that live off ‘chippie’ produced food actually notice any differences?