The Blair/Brown years legacy is rioting

It’s clammy, muggy weather.  It’s hot.  School’s out.  It’s summer.  Everybody’s bored.

Hey!  It’s riot and looting time!

Yep, it’s that time of year when the gangs put aside their postcode rivalry and head towards the nearest mobile phone-shop or computer and electrical goods shop and smash their way in so that they can take what they want because they want it, knowing there’ll be nobody to do anything to stop them.

And, whilst they’re at it a nice collection of CDs and DVDs from the already struggling to survive HMV.  Don’t forget to pick-up a new cap or hoodie from a sportswear store you pass on the way, too.

But wait!

Can’t see very well because it’s dark?  Well, that means it’s time to set fire to a building or two. Or how about a bus.  And a police car.  Yeah, got to burn a pig car, dem boydem sure get in the way of drug running and gun crime and inter-gang hate crimes ‘da yout’ mandem feel they should be allowed to undertake without any hindrance or consequences.

Yeah, da yout run t’ings, innit.  Not really.  They terrorise things, yes, but they have no ‘respec’ for their community whatsoever.

This is because they are Wankers.

They tried to pretend it was a response to the police shooting of gunman Mark Duggan.  They even pretended Duggan was ‘executed’ in order to further justify themselves.  But, what kind of skunk are these wankers smoking if the idea of setting fire to frightened people’s homes with them still inside them in some way says anything about their beef with the police?

To me, the heart in mouth moment was seeing the man, woman and baby sitting on the pavement a day later with nowhere to go, completely homeless, terrified, and sobbing.  Their tiny flat above the shops in Tottenham High Road had been set on fire by the rioters and looters, and the man’s work-van had been burned to a shell.  Now they have nothing.  He now can’t work.  They can’t even shelter or live in his van.  All they have in the world is the clothes they are wearing.  Their lives destroyed by the selfish, bored and pointless arseholes who thought it would be fun.  

All this is without yet knowing if people were actually burned to death by these arseholes.  The rubble has still to be examined for bodies. Even if bodies are found, nobody will ever be charged with their murder.

No way is this a protest against the police.  No way is destroying lives, livelihoods, homes, and ordinary people’s property a protest against the police.

What we are seeing are the results of Blair/Brown Britain.  A Britain in which the liberal left took control and were soft on crime, soft on the causes of crime, and effectively rewarded those who were disruptive or did wrong by giving them extra attention and extra privileges over those who didn’t break the law and lived to a higher moral code. 

The Blair/Brown years taught the growing kids that they could do what they want, take what they want and there will never be any consequences.  The Blair/Brown years taught the growing kids that they would be rewarded for being disruptive or anti-social.  The Brown/Blair years taught the growing kids that anybody they elected to victimise would probably not have the law on their side, but on the side of those instigating it all.

Now the kids are putting this knowledge into practice and we a reaping what was sown during the awful and degrading Blair/Brown years of the criminal having greater rights and better treatment than the victim.

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  1. “What we are seeing are the results of Blair/Brown Britain. A Britain in which the liberal left took control and were soft on crime”

    Excellent satire. A brilliant parody on intellectual dishonesty.


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