The Fear that is London

In America, well New York, even before September 11th 2001, an interesting thing was happening. Crime was falling dramatically, and even murder had reduced by over 60% in 5 years. Attitudes were changing. The place was feeling safer. People felt happier and more optimistic.

The complete opposite in happening in the UK, especially major population cities like London.


Let’s examine the differences. Now, there was a time when New York was as bad as London is now. There were no go areas, and a climate of fear ruled. Today’s London frightens most of its inhabitants. Crime is soaring and even the outlying urban areas are very scary places once darkness has fallen.

How did New York change so dramatically?

It was all down to one man with one core philosophy. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani introduced zero tolerance.

This meant that anything anti-social was not tolerated, whether it was those annoying people who insist on washing your windscreen when you are trapped at traffic lights and demand money or become abusive, or whether it was the tit-for-tat gang wars and murders.

He completely supported his Police Service and the Courts supported him by taking seriously even those who were coming before them on what appeared to be minor charges. The end result is that New York is now one of the safest cities in the world to be on the streets of.

So, why is London now so bad?

Firstly, there is no real co-ordinated leadership. Shouldn’t the Mayoral department be trying to make life worth living instead of faffing around with congestion charges and free bicycles to force the average speed of traffic in London down to 3 miles an hour? Shouldn’t they want the great city to be a fun buzzing place instead of being so preoccupied with banning people from driving into it, forcing them onto the streets on foot for the muggers to pilage?

The over-stretched Police Service can’t cope, and are only really able to run from one very serious incident to another. Instead of support, all the Police get from the politicians and those who should be running London, is abuse.

The Court systems are full of ‘do-gooders’ who allow criminals back out to re-offend after only a finger-wagging that teaches them nothing but that crime certainly pays.

Instead of getting tough, we are relaxing laws that allow people to use drugs in public.

Most people in London have now been the victim of crime. Whether it’s being held at gunpoint to force them to hand over their mobile phone as they go about their business, or feeling intimidated by abusive drunks or beggars, the population lives in fear of the next attack, and wonder if their children will actually make it home from school or work for another day.

Victims themselves are not even looked after.

There is so much support for the criminals from the clucking classes, but none for those they have damaged for life.

We need change.

We need a single united policy with all agencies united as one to stamp out the fear and intimidation and to claim the streets back from the criminals.

Will we?

Not likely.

We’re all doomed until the politicians and their mates actually start to become victims. Then they might know what it’s like to be an ordinary person living or working in London, and want to change things.