The choices Raoul Moat made for everybody

It’s Flashback Friday.  Every Friday we bring back a golden oldie article from yesteryear. A chance for you to re-read it and see if it is still relevant today! From July 2010: 

Choices. We are all faced with choices that affect our lives or the lives of others. In an ideal world everything that happened to us would be our own choice.

Sadly, so often it is others that have the power to make choices about us over which we have no control. Some choose to hurt or destroy us, a choice we certainly would not make for ourselves.

When Raol Moat made the choice to shoot Chris Brown for the first time severely injuring him, the event was Moat’s choice, not Chris’s choice.

When Moat shot him a second time a few moments later, that too was Moat’s choice. Chris had no choice in the matter, and was powerless to stop him.

When Moat took time to reload his shotgun, Chris also then had no choice when, on his knees, Moat made the choice to deliberately end Chris’s life by finally blowing his head open.

All of these choices were made by Moat. Nobody else made these choices. Chris most certainly would not have ‘chosen’ to be murdered.

When Moat then fired through the window at Samantha Stobbart causing her critical chest injuries it was his choice. It wasn’t Samantha’s choice.

Moat even said later in an attempt to justify his ‘choice’ of causing her critical chest injuries, that he chose to injure Samantha in a way that would cause her to get compensation and financial stability for her future. Once again, this was his choice not hers. He had imposed his choice upon her.

Then Moat chose to find a policeman. He chose David Rathband. Once again, as with all Moat’s victims, David had no choice but to go through the horror Moat had chosen for him.

Moat chose to shoot him in the face.

Moat watched for a moment as David recoiled in agony as his eyes burst out and splattered over his car, blinding him forever. Moat then chose to shoot at David again, hitting him in his side. At no point did David choose for himself that his last ever sight would be Moat’s calm and calculating face starring at him as he took aim in an attempt to kill him.

Moat then chose to spend the next week on the run and evading capture. Finally he chose to aim a gun at his own neck and shoot himself dead by blowing his own head off. Nobody else made that choice for Moat.

All the way through this saga, Moat has been in control, making choices for other people about their lives, not letting them make choices for themselves.

In the end, Moat made his choice to kill himself. Moat’s final choice was possible the best of his choices, as it then freed other potential victims of his imposed ‘choices’.

Victims usually don’t choose to be victims. That choice is completely in the hands of those that choose to make them victims. Nobody chooses to become the victim of attempted murder or actual murder. That choice is solely in the hands of the murderer.

However, something far more sinister rises from this episode of choices.

Around 40,000 people then chose to idolise Moat as if he was some form of ‘hero’ via a Facebook fanpage. Their common theme being to choose to say what a wonderful ‘legend’ this murderer was.

Dozens of people ‘chose’ to lay flowers where the murderer had once lived or where he killed himself. Many of them chose to leave messages of the style that should be left for a fallen soldier or a hero who’d perhaps perished saving many lives from a burning building.

These ‘ordinary’ people chose to make Moat their hero of choice.

They chose a sadistic murderer over the murdered and maimed, who they all but forgot in their outpourings for Moat.

Something somewhere has to be very seriously wrong with these people.

Society should choose to identify them and check on the safety of the children and ordinary people around them before more Moats start making choices over who around them should live or die, or imposing their ‘choices’ on them in other ways.

Whatever drove Moat to make his choices over who could live or die will soon be driving these people who now idolise him for his actions.

We must choose to stop them.