Social Media wins the war on facts

Things have moved on since the last time Israel was bombing Palestinians, even though Israel still controls its own people and its propaganda with mantras.

IDF soldiers enjoy killing pregnant ‘goyim’

According to the mantras, which pro-Israelis passionately believe with (literally) religious conviction, every single civilian casualty in Gaza is not their fault, especially those that occurred when they last went on a major rampage of genocide nearly three years ago.

Mantras to the uninformed in Israel included “snipers firing at them from the same building” they had just mercilessly killed women and children in. The phosphorus burns came from “weapons Hamas was storing in the same buildings”. The hospitals they targeted had “Hamas sheltering in the basement” and so on.

When women were waving white flags and trying to carry children out of buildings just blown apart, they were shot in the head because “Hamas snipers were in the vicinity”. When the Israelis tried to bury sheltering families alive in rubble using bulldozers it was because the houses were “storing Hamas weapons”. The UN buildings and the Media tower were all attacked because of “snipers” or was it “storing Hamas weapons”. In fact it doesn’t matter which mantra the Israeli propaganda machine used, they all blur into one and are repeated as if they are ‘fact’ without any evidence to corroborate them, and are believed unquestioningly to this day.

In other words, there was never a single acceptance that Israel was ever at fault at any time. Indeed, anybody putting the mantras under scrutiny becomes subjected to the mantra “anti-semite” in an attempt to silence them.

An illustration of just how strong the belief in the mantras is, can be seen from the footage of a Gazan doctor (who worked to save lives in Israel despite living in Gaza) being shown on Israeli TV completely distraught from having just that moment had his home blown to pieces and three of his daughters heads crushed in the rubble. The poor poor man, instead of sympathy, pity or respect, got an Israeli woman screaming, shouting and spitting in his face that he must have been storing weapons and how terrible it was that her own son (who was alive) had had to join the IDF and go into Gaza. I personally found the pictures of this woman screaming in this doctor’s face some of the most disgusting and vile I have ever seen. They will haunt me, as they should haunt any normal human being, for the rest of my life.

However, and this is my main point, I was able to see the pictures. Despite Israel not allowing international media into Gaza, in their attempt to control and censor the flow of information out from the region, pictures were getting out. So was information. but how?

There were and still are Twitter users and bloggers saying what they see, taking short videos and zapping them round the world free from Israeli sanitisation.

Yes, there are now real witnesses to what’s happening in Gaza. Us.

Conventional media struggles to abide by the reporting restrictions which are in force even for reporters stuck in Israel and not allowed into wherever Israel has decided will be their latest war zone, and so can only file summaries of what it’s being told. In the case of the pro-Israeli Western media (most of American privately owned TV) this will of course be slanted with the propaganda angle that Israel requires, including the many mantras we’ve already discussed.

Meanwhile, ordinary people are filing their reports, usually just from a humanitarian perspective, using new media. Youtube carries the graphic raw pictures, not subjected to an editor’s eraser. Voices and accounts are ‘out there’ faster than the controlled media. Yes, in amongst this constant huge stream there are the opinions and rants both pro and con. Some are using the Israeli mantras and of course, some are using pro-Palestinian mantras. This means having to dig out what’s really there from all the ‘noise’, but it’s there. And even with the Israeli censors chasing after posters trying to get the information removed, it’s too late; it’s replicated, copied, and redistributed and kept alive virally. Social media wins the war on truth.

I suspect that Israel will have lost their last ‘war’ in Gaza and retreated as it did under its unilateral ‘ceasefire’ because the truth had a conduit and an audience they couldn’t control. Maybe next time they will work out how to control and stop it, but for now the world has real access and therefore eyes and ears able to see, thanks to new media, the truth conventional media won’t tell us.

For now the people of Gaza are slightly protected and no longer alone.

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  1. Re the doctor Izeldin Abuelaish – FWIW, yours was the most common reaction I encountered here at the time. Very few actually spoke in favour of the woman, thankfully. Abuelaish should be awarded a Nobel prize. I've never met a guy more wholeheartedly committed to coexistence tolerance and peace.


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