As Islam invades England, who will survive?

When religion invades a country, it’s never pretty.  When the Roman Catholics brought their particular ideology over to the UK (well, yes, it wasn’t actually a ‘United’ Kingdom at the time) there was a bloodbath as they imposed it onto the people.  Old ways, some of them quite weird and some based on Celtic or Pagan beliefs, but most based on superstitions and being in sync with Mother Earth, and not that restrictive or full of instructions for the followers, were suddenly replaced with repression, fear and guilt.

Yes, along came Christianity full of puritanical restrictive instructions and obscure rules, mass punishment and the degradation and subjugation of women.  Food was withheld, opponents were publicly slaughtered, and so this fine land was forced to become Christian.

Christianity has ruled, hurt, killed and controlled people here for centuries.  As humanity matures it slowly regains composure, learning to think for itself and to reject the religious mumbo jumbo written in the desert as a method of controlling and subjugating tribes with not much more collective awareness than a bunch of 6 year olds.  This is why we are at the state we are, in our increasingly secular country, with Christianity disappearing so fast that it now has a calculable ‘End Time’ when nobody will believe it any more.

Equally though, it also means, just as before Christianity invaded, we have become very complacent and simply shrug our shoulders to organised religions, ignore it all and get on with our lives using the common sense that religion tries to stifle.

This, however, is a huge weakness on our part.  It is a weakness that is being exploited by the systematic expansion of Christianity’s biggest rival and replacement, Islam.

The Islamification of areas of the UK is rampant, and just as with the original expansion of Christianity, it is coming in forcefully and very quickly. The level of associated violence is something we just weren’t ready for.

One of the battlegrounds is London’s Borough of Tower Hamlets.  It is here that a white Religious Education teacher, simply following the requirements of the National Curriculum, was beaten and left for dead by a group who were already being watched by MI5 as a potential terrorist cell.  The teacher’s crime was to speak of religions other than Islam, and in fact, to teach whilst not being a Muslim. And he was teaching girls.

Schools in the area, where all pupils are Muslim, and most can’t speak English, are having to deal with more and more radicalisation.  This of course includes racism and anti-Semitic behaviour as standard, and there is an orchestrated campaign to stop subjects being taught that are not in accord with an extremely primitive understanding or interpretation of Sharia, and to withhold girls from education.  Those that do attend are being intimidated into wearing the full veils of course, and avoiding lessons on subjects that might teach contrarily to traditional warring Middle Eastern tribal Islamic thinking.

The local Council in Tower Hamlets is controlled by radical Muslims who will regularly shout racist and homophobic abuse at Labour and Conservative Councillors, and a local gay pub had its patrons suddenly set upon and severely beaten by a huge mob of angry Muslims who just aren’t happy with the concept of homosexuality.

Police and the wealthy ‘politically correct’ meddling white middle classes have allowed the situation to degenerate into such a decline that there are now no-go areas for white people and the hate crime is treated with disinterest so as to not rock the boat and upset anybody from the Islamic community.

Within Britain there is effectively a small Islamic State run in accordance with Sharia, operating outside of all the normal laws and systems that the rest of the UK abides by.  Well, of course, the main exception being the payment of large sums to families in order for them to live happily without employment, and the allocation of free housing stock and contents, and in most cases, heat and light.  These of course, remain demanded by the locals from the ‘outside’ system, as in, our society, even if the laws and the traditions of our system aren’t welcome within their newly developing Islamic State of Tower Hamlets.

Pat Condell says it so eloquently, please watch and listen: