So Jesus Christ was buried in Kashmir, eh?

What an interesting programme I just watched on BBC Four. I’m actually quite surprised that I haven’t heard tales of the BBC being burned at the stake by hoardes of angry Christians.

Anyway, apparently, most Christian academics accept that there was no resurrection or ascension to heaven. These were bits added on to the gospels many years later.

Most realisitic evidence seems to point to Jesus having been near death on the cross, been cut down, and then revived by the use of special herbs and tender care. Then he was seen by his disciples for a fond farewell before fleeing to the East, where he lived with his girlfriend who probably became his wife, Mary Magdalen.

He died aged around 80 and was buried in what is now a holy shrine also containing the body of a person of extreme Islamic significance.

I wonder if he had any kids and where the blood-line goes? Me maybe? Hmm, that would mean I’m of Jewish origin. But I don’t feel an inbred draw to go to Palestine and through Arabs out of their homes, so maybe I’m not.

I also wonder how Christians will deal with this latest information. Probably by pretending it’s not there, as usual, eh?


  1. Oh come on, Christopher…..Surely you have an open and inquiring mind. Read these and rethink the world as you knew it.
    Holger Kersten: Jesus Lived in India
    Suzanne Olsson: Jesus in Kashmir, The Lost Tomb


  2. If this ever gets subject to a 'time team' enquiry, there will be a load of embarrassed Christians!
    But then, us Buddhists knew this all along….


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