Facing Scottish racism

Are you fed-up being called a racist? I‘m pretty sure you are, especially since you are probably not a racist.

Hurtfully, those who shout the loudest that you are a racist are usually the actual racists, too. That’s how bizarre and nasty it’s all gotten.  Shouting ‘racist’ is a socialist elite method of ‘shutting down’ debate or discussion.  The socialist elite are usually the racists!

And of this mob of racists there are those who seriously believe the colour of their skin, culture or heritage somehow makes it impossible for them to be racist.

Exhibit ‘A’ in this respect is the 60 year old MP Diane Abbott. She’s one of the old school Blacks. Her peer group had a bad time when they first arrived in the UK. Fear and suspicion of these ‘different’ people meant that the indigenous population of the time were quite openly and aggressively racist. Across the latter years as we’ve seen tolerance and understanding grow (maybe not as fast as it should, true) the likes of the socialist elite that Abbott is a highly paid member of, have grown to become far more intolerant and racist than those who she condemns. Indeed, using social media over the years, Abbott has declared that she cannot be a racist because she is Black. In her world view only White folk can be racist. Indeed, her view is that whilst she is squeaky clean, all White Britons are undercover racists at heart. Her racist outbursts were widely condemned and she retracted them, but, sadly, without fully understanding or appreciating that she was the pot call the kettle, erm, Black.

Her complete unawareness of the racist-ness of her attitude was quite an eye-opener all round. However there are many people just like her. Take the Scottish.

We have the strange relationship between the United Kingdom and its neighbouring countries of Europe, and the strange relationship between Scotland and its neighbouring countries of the United Kingdom.

In this respect it is, according to the socialist elite, apparently racist for some of the population of the United Kingdom to want separation from Europe, while it is not racist for some of the population of Scotland to want separation from the United Kingdom.

The Scottish National Party will openly spout hate-speak against the other countries of the UK, especially England or anything originating in England that spills over to or supplies Scotland. Those Scots who feel they have a ‘Celtic’ background will often speak in racist terms about how the ‘Whites’ of England are all mongrels (without even stopping to analyse their own rather strange composite DNA). This racism is encouraged by the socialist elite as part of their divide and conquer strategy. Driving a wedge between neighbours works to help their cause.

There are vast areas of Scotland that have had absolutely no experience of multiculturalism, and for them the ‘racism’ is born of generations of relative isolationism and suspicion of those who are different. For these Scots it feels perfectly natural to have that same old school of thought that the English had back in the 1960s and 1970s when faced with the first waves of immigration from the West Indies.

True, in the more progressive areas like Glasgow, where nearly 15% of the population are of Black, Asian or other Ethnic minorities, the inherited Scottish racism is being challenged and changed. A further 5% who are ‘ White’ but not of Scottish heritage, including the just over 1% of the population of Scotland identifying themselves as Polish, are part of the march of multiculturalism that is slowly making its way into Scotland. However, this has been far too slow and is just confined to the cities, leaving the hard core of rural Scots many decades behind the rest of Europe when it comes to knowing how to live side by side with people not of their same culture.

This is why Scotland boasts a huge number of the older generations who, like Diane Abbott, have absolutely no idea that they are quite unacceptably racist towards their neighbours in England.

However, if they believe that isolation of independence will bring back the ‘good old days’, it’s all far too late, and like the old racists in England, they are in for a great awakening.