Let’s make ‘grassing’ cool

‘Grassing’ is good. No, honest, it’s good to be a ‘grass’. It’s only those who are doing something wrong that want you to believe that ‘grassing’ is not good. Think about it.

‘Grassing’ is the act of discreetly informing the relevant authorities (that could mean a parent, a teacher, an employer, or the police) about something that’s been done by somebody else towards a victim. It’s about helping the victim. It’s about getting the wrong-doer to stop doing wrong.

I mean, if you saw a young baby being punched and kicked, you’d want the person hurting the baby to stop, right? Would you really be happy to just let it carry on because you “ain’t a grass”? Would you?

Yet drilled into so many humans by the bullies in their community is the idea that to do anything to stop the bullies is to somehow break some weird code of conduct. The code of conduct is that you don’t ‘grass’ but you let the bullies get away with whatever they wish. How mad is this? Yet it’s accepted by so many communities because they can’t see how they’ve been manipulated by the criminals into thinking ‘grassing’ is wrong. No, no, no, no, ‘grassing’ is NOT wrong.

People will say, “I ain’t a grass” when asked for help to stop the bullies and perpetrators of crimes, which lets them carry on with their crime wave producing yet more victims. Victims of not only the bully but also the person who won’t ‘grass’. The person not ‘grassing’ is producing new victims. Are they happy to do this? It seems so. New victims of robbery, of assault, of bullying are being made every day because of this nonsense about not ‘grassing’. Indeed, people who do ‘grass’ are then themselves victimised with quite horrifying results to reinforce the ‘never grass’ message to others, such is the control by fear that the bullies have over communities.

However, and here’s the thing, the world would be a far better and safer place if ‘grassing’ was not only acceptable, but also cool. How’s about making it a crime and a stigma to not ‘grass’. Imagine communities hovering around a person goading them because they had NOT ‘grassed’. That’s where we should be if we really want safer communities with respect instilled into everybody rather than the current climate of fear.

Break free I say, reclaim your dignity and ‘grass’ away today.