Please can I flash forward on FlashForward?

Oh man.  I’m bloody hooked aren’t I?  I can’t stop watching FlashForward (showing on Five in the UK, Mondays at 9pm).  Sigh.

Annoyingly, the episodes are only running a few days behind the showings in America so I’m as confused as all the forums and speculation fansites as to what’s going on.  At least with other shows that are usually running six months to a year behind, when I get the bug of wanting to know what happens, I can usually pick up a blow by blow fairly easily from when it was broadcast Stateside.  But, the Americans are as much in the dark as us lot over here.

If you’ve some how missed out on what this whole FlashForward thing is, here’s the idea in a few sentences.  Suddenly, one day everybody in the entire world collapses into a coma that lasts 2 minutes and 17 seconds.  During this coma they have a ‘flashforward’ (like a ‘flashback’ but going the other way) and vividly see what they will be doing for a period of 2 minutes and 17 seconds on April 29th 2010. Then they wake up (well, those that collapsed whilst flying planes or driving cars or having surgeons performing surgery on them didn’t – a lot of people died) and obviously the story is the investigation of what the heck caused this, plus people changing their lives or being confused by the events they saw. And scarily, a few who saw nothing realise they’re going to die some time before April 29th 2010.

So, was it man made?

Space aliens?

What exactly is going on?

The central characters we are following are a division of the FBI that has accidentally started investigating the whole phenomenon, mainly because one of the FBI guys saw in his flash forward that he was surrounded by evidence from the investigation.

And so it unfolds.  As people share their flash forwards, confirming that they saw each other in the future, it weaves a mysterious tale of trying to piece everything together with the puzzlement of an addictive Agatha Christie story, except this one is multi-layered and quasi-dimensional.

I mentioned addiction.  When Lost first started it was extremely addictive with no real rational explanations about what was going on.  However, when they extended the story arc over 7 seasons it jumped the shark for so many of us. “Another 6 years of not know? Feck this!” I recall saying after deciding to stop being tortured through watching it.

I remained pain free until Heroes came along.  The first series stood alone and was addictive and exciting.  Then it got so dazed and confused with impossible twists and turns that sadly it too jumped the shark.  Despite loving it, it was impossible to feel the emotions from the original hit (a bit like heroin).

So, although I’m still a Heroes fan, I suspect I shall watch the final series with a feeling of resignation and disappointment.

But then along came FlashForward.

Sigh.  I watched the first episode out of curiosity saying, “I can handle this” in my drug addict stylee.  Of course I couldn’t handle it, fool that I am. Yep, addicted from the off.

I can only hope that they don’t extend the story arc to 7 years.  I want this to be over.  I want to know what happened, happens and why, and I want to know now.  The quality of the concept plus the whole presentation is perfect.  This is uncut heroin for the sci-fi cum thriller cum mystery cum action addict, and I’m mainlining it.

But hey, anybody else got a clue what’s going on? Please? Pretty please?