Why isn’t Tony Blackburn Sir Tony Blackburn?

Well, today is our Tone’s anniversary of it being 45 years since his voice first ever hit the airwaves. He started out on Radio Caroline back in 1964. I think I’m right in saying that he has worked continuously since then. Has any other offshore radio reprobate?

For me, our Tone was at his absolute best on BBC Radio London in the 1980s, when he looked after the mid-morning show. The music at the time was brilliant, as was the atmosphere (we were in the glorious Thatcher years so everybody was happy), and he’d reinvented himself to deliver innuendo and his wonderful 12 inchers! In contrast his low point was probably presenting Junior Choice on Radios 1 & 2.

The man still presents a powerful show today on the various stations he works at, still sounding fresh and fun, never afraid to be self-effacing or the butt of his own jokes. Why the heck has he never been knighted or given some proper recognition for his services to broadcasting? Unlike others who have received recognition by being given honours, he really has been cutting edge and original all the way through.

I also love the way he has embraced modern media like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Audioboo. He ‘gets’ it, and knows how to use it to entertain and inform. How many others with 45 years in the radio industry know how to communicate with their audiences with such passion and accuracy? How many others actually make their audiences feel good?

Tony Blackburn needs to be knighted, and he needs to be knighted now!