The alt-left using ISIS tactics

The alt-left are getting far more violent than they ever were. Is it as a result of the recreational drugs the alt-left feel the need to take?

Are their drugs making them psychotic, intolerant, aggressive and inhibiting their ability to understand, well, much of anything?

Alt-lefties follow their leaders and trends, primarily fed to them via the echo-chambers of social media, and they hate who they are told to hate.

alt-leftSocial media, modern communication, was created by and is controlled by a mixture of the alt-left and their close cousins the liberal elite. Such social media, apart from sacking anybody daring to question the hymns on the song-sheet, let alone daring to question the need to for ritual singing in the first place, will protect the centre and extreme left saying that anything they write is free expression.

However, free expression doesn’t extend to anybody on the right of the political divide. Their accounts will be regularly suspended or shut down after campaigns from butt-hurt alt-lefties. Meanwhile, the alt-left are free to send rape threats, murder threats, and generally campaign against those not accepting their views. The moderators within the social media organisations are all drawn from the left. The management and all staff, the entire ‘human resources’ of the social media companies are of course ‘of the left’. They refuse to employ anybody that isn’t.

Therefore it is impossible for the social media moderators, like those behind Facebook, Twitter, etc., to be impartial and ‘fair’ to all points of view. They will allow the left and alt-left to write the most awful stuff, but will immediately clamp down on the slightest unacceptable posting from the right.

They should treat both in exactly the same way, from a ‘neutral’ perspective. They don’t. They don’t know how to. Their perception of neutrality is that it is the liberal to alt-left point of view.

What’s the reason why so many Millennials have this skewed understanding of reality? Well, it is down to the irreversible mental damage they have received from the recreational drugs they have taken in their teens, or are still taking. Their brains are being shorted out, hard wired with paranoia and a bizarre perception of how things should be.

Their destroyed ability to process alternative concepts, let alone accept that alternatives do exist, is why they want to destroy and re-write history. They will come after those that disagree with them, hounding and hurting and harassing them, their family, their employers, their bank, the shops they visit, etc., etc. They don’t like history to have been different to their view, so, just like ISIS, they want it destroyed. They don’t like people to hold views that contradict theirs, so, just like ISIS, they want those holding them destroyed.

The alt-left is very similar to ISIS in so many ways that’s it’s more than a little bit scary. Especially scary when you realise how much of the media and communications around us the alt-left has complete control over.