The uncomfortably sad Charlie Gard affair

Without reaching his first birthday, Charlie Gard‘s body has been allowed to die.

This is all very tragic and the whole story has been a complete nightmare.

As an, albeit remote, parent of a son who earns more than me, and is far more handsome than me, my only experience regarding his health has been good stuff.  I’ve watched as he luckily ended up all grown up and reasonably ok. Well, he’s a bit mental, but us older people are supposed to think that about 25 year olds.

So, what I’m saying is that I’ve never been in the position that Charlie’s parents were forced to be in. The enormity of what they had to face is something I cannot actually put myself into the shoes of and know, or guess, how I would feel and what I would do. The bottom line from that is that I have no idea if what they did with Charlie was right or wrong. Indeed, it can’t be the place of any of us rubber-necking public to call this. It just is, and it went the way it went.

I feel extremely sorry for Charlie’s parents. I feel extremely sorry for the excellent medical teams at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Nothing good has come out of this.

charlieSadly, Charlie actually died as Charlie many months ago. Putting it into extremely unpalatable yet realistic terms, he has been an animated corpse, body still functioning but Charlie gone. He has been forced to remain in this state whilst the parents, understandably, held on to the idea that keeping his body functioning would somehow lead to a miraculous recovery. And, who amongst us wouldn’t have clutched at those straws?

But, where it all got very distasteful for me was when the ignorant, politically motivated social media warriors started directing their bile at the hospital. Death threats and a whole load of unacceptable conspiracy theories came out from these completely ignorant uncaring baying mobs. Why haven’t they been rounded up and prosecuted?

The problem with masses is that they are always collectively beyond ignorant. They are stupid. A very evil kind of stupid. A stupid that makes the whole tragedy about THEM!

It is the actions of these people that I cannot accept. That’s in contrast to the actions of Charlie’s parents, who could only behave the way they did.

But how dare these rubber-necking fools ‘steal’ Charlie’s life and death and make it about themselves? They don’t care about Charlie. They don’t care about Charlie’s parents. No, all they care about is themselves. They love the opportunity to show others what THEY feel about Charlie. It’s all about THEM. It’s not about Charlie.

Even the journalists and commentators writing articles for this newspaper or that newspaper will, you guessed it, not actually be writing about Charlie or his parents, but about THEMSELVES. Hell, I even started this article making it all about ME!

And don’t get me started on those sites using Charlie stories as click-bait. Evil bastards.

Now that Charlie’s body has finally been switched off as it was intended to be, I hope there will be healing. Healing for the parents. Healing for the medical professionals. And, in time, a healing between the parents and the medical professionals.

And I hope the agitators and keyboard warriors try to learn not everything in life is about them.