Stop these NGO migrant ferries

So, let me get this right. By following on the transponder map all the ships chartered or owned by NGOs or ‘charities’, it becomes easy to see that migrants are no longer being plucked from perilous unseaworthy capsizing boats and rafts and near death by drowning.

map1Instead, the ‘rescue’ boats are just going straight over to Libya, loading up with people and ferrying them directly to the massively overcrowded parts of Italy, Sicily being the main offloading point. Included in these ‘ferries’ are ships registered to or chartered by the likes of ‘Save The Children’.

Not unsurprisingly there are rarely any children to ‘save’. Nor women. Just a constant stream of immature angry volatile PTSD suffering 20-something men.

Without a care as to who they are, why they are boarding the ‘ferries’, or any form of checking, validating, or screening, it appears that these men are onboarded and brought to European Union territory. As there are so many of them, it’s impossible to know who or what they are as the majority of them slip off into the darkness to continue their unfettered journey to whichever EU country offers the best future. Future for them, that is.

Why are these ‘ferries’ allowed to exist? We have no idea who these men are they are bringing in waves to Europe. Surely, we shouldn’t allow these NGOs and charities to put our lives in danger?