Cyber Hot Hits from Outer Space

I recently got myself all excited about a new radio station called ‘Cyber Hot Hits’.

Cyber Hot Hits’ is broadcasting from a spaceship up in space, apparently.

Hang on a sec. Wasn’t there another station making ready to broadcast from a spaceship up in space? You know, with another name that resonates with the 1960s, but is largely completely irrelevant today?

Ok, maybe it’s me.


cyberlogoCyber Hot Hits’ is slowly migrating its way onto various platforms across the UK. It already covers Sarf Larnden, most of Surrey and bits of Kent and Sussex via DAB, despite only being ‘on test’. And, of course, you can listen via the not very forthcoming web site, (here).

By ‘not very forthcoming’ I of course mean it’s a bit sparse. However, it hasn’t officially launched yet, so fair enough.

From an anorak point of view it has an offshore radio connection beyond broadcasting from outside the territorial limits (Actually, how many kilometres up in the air and into space does Earth claim it owns before it becomes interplanetary space?). It has the voices of Dave Asher and Peter Quinn. Both worked on offshore Radio Caroline during eras before the station closed down due to lack of dosh. Both have also moved on and are capable of presenting a number of differing radio formats rather than being stuck in the past in a kinda radio Groundhog Day!

In addition to offshore radio DJs there are are a whole loada ladies coming on board. Ladies were quite sparse back in the sexist days of offshore radio, so it’s good that ‘Cyber Hot Hits’ is addressing this too.

I’ve tuned in at different times, and what I found nice was the modern music, so hated by old people. There are, to my mind, far too many radio streams/stations/brands playing the same old shite. I acknowledge that a lot of old people have got stuck and keep reliving their youth by listening to the same songs over and over again. Imagine that! Listen to the same song every week of your life for 50 years or more. Ha ha ha. Twats.

But enough of Radio Caroline listeners.

Cyber Hot Hits’, still only on test, combines knowledgeable and friendly sounding voices as presenters with the not too laboured on idea that it is beaming from a pirate spaceship, out in space. How cool is that?

I think the branding is strong, relevant and bouncingly vibrant. It will be avidly listened to. With luck it’ll appear on more DAB multiplexes across the UK pretty soon (Especially one that covers the Liverpool City Region, hint hint!).

Check out Cyber Hot Hits here, or tune in via DAB in South London, Surrey, and Kent.