Theresa May Bank Holiday

MayCorbynLet’s talk electioneering.

Let’s talk Bank Holidays.

Now, it seems that there is talk of the Labour party leader trying to bribe the electorate with the promise of four Bank Holidays should he become the Prime Minister.

But, surely this is all huff and bluster.  How can we be sure the Bank Holidays will be delivered by Labour?

Indeed, for an increasing number of the population, Bank Holidays are exactly the same as any other day.  It’s only a ‘holiday’ for the elite, those with jobs in the public sector, local and national government, education, highly funded yet financially unaccountable NGOs, trade union officials, those who actually work in banks, and those whose work is far away from the real world of work for the ordinary family.

But, I digress.  Who can we trust to bring us these mainly meaningless Bank Holidays, Labour or Conservative, Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn?

Well, all I can say is that we are probably never going to get a Corbyn Bank Holiday.  Meanwhile, under the Tories, we already have two May Bank Holidays.