How deranged are ‘the 48%’?

Are those wearing a ‘48%’ label mentally ill? It seems they may well be.

It started when last June when 48% of those bothering to vote in the EU referendum, voted to Remain in it. However, the referendum functioned by having two options. Leave or Remain. More people across the UK voted to Leave than voted to Remain. So, the will of the people who’d bothered to vote was to Leave. Job done.

But this is where things got a little crazy. The majority of that 48% accepted, many reluctantly, that they had lost the vote and so, after a bit of moaning and groaning, also accepted that we would be leaving the EU. They reluctantly rallied with the ‘Leavers’ in the hope of getting the best Brexit deal possible  However, about 12% of voters went into denial.

remoanerYes, about a quarter of the ‘Remainers’ just couldn’t cope with the idea of being independent, and so turned into the ‘Remoaners’ we have to put up with today.

As I mentioned, they now wear protest badges with ‘48%’ on them. Dunno why, ‘cos obviously they should be wearing badges with ‘12%’ on them. The other 36% have accepted gracefully the democratic process. So, Remoaners are only ‘the 12%’. Why do they have the idea they are ‘the 48%’?

Yep, mental illness. They have bad delusions of grandeur.

This also explains why they feel the need to shout in a Tourrettes fashion at those who voted to Leave the EU, calling them racists and poking at them as if they had done something wrong, wailing uncontrollably in the street, and smashing up businesses and property.

It turns out that ‘Remoaners’ have a mental block when understanding democracy and the concept of others having alternative views to theirs. Most actually couldn’t even understand the question and the options available at the referendum. This is what has made them so aggressively angry and shouty. And why they feel they must go against democracy to try to stop Brexit.

Should ‘the 12%’ be rounded up and held in custody for our safety?