Forgotten and snubbed by the New Year’s Honours list

Gongs.  I don’t mean the chimes of Big Ben.  Not bongs, but gongs.

Look, it’s the time of year.  It is today that recipients of ‘New Year’s Honours’ are leaked/announced to those that care.

CBEs, OBEs and MBEs are handed out to those who usually deserve more.  Knighthoods usually go to those who deserve less.

In theory the honours list is a list of people who have gone the extra mile and should be recognised for their contribution to society.  In theory.  In reality it is dominated by rich people who did something in politics.  Or combed the hair of the wife of somebody who did something in politics.

It’s very wrong. Corrupt even.

And, you know what’s the worst thing about the 2016/2017 New Year’s Honours?

Shall I tell you?

It’s an omission that must be corrected next year.

Yes, disgustingly, another year has gone by without a honour going to the legendary

Tony Blackburn.