The LibDem Head of Remoaning

Failed politician Nick Clegg, once Deputy Prime Minister, once leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, and now man full of self-importance, has been recycled as a LibDem Remoaning representative. His job appears to be to protect all the financial interests across Europe that will be badly affected by Brexit, by campaigning to stay in the EU even though we voted out.

cleggRecently, he appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Politics to describe the arrangements he wanted to exist between the UK and the EU as part of our Brexit.

Not unexpectedly, Clegg just described our current relationship with the EU. Yep, he carefully described everything, breaking it down into its component parts, from freedom of movement through to membership of the single market, saying we should accept the customs union, make financial contributions, yada yada yada. Clegg’s unhelpful version of Brexit is just to stay in the EU!

These Remoaners are bizarre. He even wants a second referendum, ‘cos he doesn’t like the result of the first!

Why are we allowing these people so much airtime in order to promote their insanity?