Social Media warriors gotta hate Boris

Blimey.  More anti-Brexit lies.  Would you believe it!

A few days ago my social media timelines were full with anti- Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson outbursts from the usual Remoaners who hate him and anybody who dared vote to Brexit.

Some of the awful and disgusting things Remoaners continue to say about anybody freethinking enough to have voted to leave the EU, border on the scary and threatening.  The police go after the worst offenders, but for each one they take down, up pop fifty others.

There is something very wrong with these people.  They barely talk about anything else, and they are so angry.  Research has discovered this to be a form of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, where those captured and controlled will, after a prolonged period, form an illogical bond with their captor. Remoaners have this bond with the European Union.

Therefore, any story they hear that belittles or damns those who wish to leave the EU will always activate the bile spewing.

When they saw the Sky News fake news story about what Boris Johnson supposedly said in private to four ‘anonymous’ unidentified Ambassadors, all the hate speak began.  Despite Boris Johnson emphatically denying having said any such thing to any Ambassadors, the haters were convinced he was lying.  Of course, not just the nobodies on Facebork or Twitter were in full screaming mode, but notable nutters from the world of politics and shadow Government like failed LibDem ex-leader Nick Clegg.

borisTrial by media and by preconceived ideas meant that Boris was guilty.

Except, of course, he wasn’t.

It turns out that the Senior Political Correspondent of Sky News, Robert Nisbet, was either lying and making the whole thing up, or those briefing him were.

So far two Ambassadors have come forward waiving the right to anonymity, to agree that Boris had said no such things.  According to Italy’s Ambassador in London everything that Boris has ever said has been consistent. He has never taken a contrary stand in private.

Suspicion leads back to the highly financed shady pro-EU group ‘British Influence’, although they have denied being involved in the obvious smear campaign of lies.  There are desperate organisation full of EU money deliberately trying to sabotage, destabilise and spread fear about Brexit.  They want a climate of fear to exist to cloud and interfere with the work towards Brexit.

But, back to my point.  Now that the story about Boris has been corroborated as being a lie, a smear, an aborted attempt to belittle him, the haters don’t post apologies for the awful things they wrote about him, do they?  Nope, instead, their confirmation bias makes them just not believe it and away they mumble their negativity and hatred.

The truth doesn’t fit their narrative so they ignore it.  My timelines will continue to be filled with faux shock and outrage about Boris, because the haters can’t do anything but hate, regardless of the truth.