Traditional Family Butcher

butcherI’m not so sure that boasting about being into butchering families is a good idea. I mean, currently, it’s illegal and considered a bit of a wrong thing to do.

So, why would some bloke, along with his sons, openly admit to the practice?  Surely they are going to get busted and arrested for their somewhat unusual habit?

Or will society just ignore it and let them carry on ripping families apart? Literally.

I think we should be told.

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  1. Just read your “The Battle of Hastings” post. Here’s some pedantic trivia. The “Historic” date is 14 October, 1066,calculated by the Gregorian calendar, but the West was using the Julian calendar way back then. England and its Colonies didn’t make the switch until 1752. The switch involved setting the days back by 11, so the Norman Invaders looked at the date as 3 October,1066.

    NB American colonist Benjamin Franklin had already printed thousands of copies of his annual “Poor Richard’s Almanack” using the older Julian counting system. The new dating rendered the countless volumes useless -forcing him to destroy them. Facing ruin and driven half mad by what he considered to be Albion’s perfidy he began agitating for Revolution. We all know how that turned out.


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