Union Jack Radio for Brexiters

It had to happen didn’t it. We now have an openly xenophobic nationalistic radio station. Would you believe it? It must come as a reaction to the tyranny that is masquerading as the European Union homogenising our every existence.

We’ve already seen the slow rise of nationalism and xenophobia in Scotland and Wales, but until now the political correctness police had managed to intimidate into silence anybody daring to be nationalistic about England or even the United Kingdom as a whole. By oppressing Englishness and Britishness, the master plan of the breakdown of our countries has been successfully underway for some decades now.

So, we arrive at the point where we now have a nationwide radio station daring to name itself after the much derided national flag, the Union flag. When the Union flag is flown at sea it is known as the Union Jack.

And this new divisive radio station is also called Union Jack. Yep, the Union Jack, the flag of racists and bigots, no longer the flag of our country. That much hated Union Jack.

unionjackTo further inflame things, Union Jack only plays ‘the best of British’ artists. This of course limits it to predominantly playing the same 300 oldies over and over again, avoiding anything modern. It is heavy with Britpop and memories of an awful selfish time from the late 1990s, an era when greed and division grew once the millionaire socialists came to political power.

Union Jack gives the illusion of listener control over which of the limited number of songs plays next. Voting songs up or down on a scale of ‘play next’ or ‘play later’ has mainly no real effect on what is played next or later, but it is a way of making up for the fact that there’s no human involved in playing out the songs. Just the usual lonely playout computer, locked in a cupboard with the lights turned out.

In addition to playing only ‘British’ songs, Union Jack plays snippets from old British comedy shows once broadcast on British TV. So, if you can think back to an era of racist, sexist, and politically incorrect comedy, that’s the era also supplying the British comedy snippets. OMG!

As you might expect, Union Jack has sparked outrage and butt-hurt amongst the Millennials. Blaming UKIP for the station and suggesting it will only be listened to by Nigel Farage and unforgivable Brexit voters, they spew their hatred out on social media. How dare Union Jack exist they outrage before heading off to their safe spaces.

You can see, well, hear for yourself how this outrageous radio station sounds by tuning in via DAB right now. Listen before the EU close it down!

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  1. Good evening Christopher.

    I’m listened to the station a fair bit myself and I’m curious as to your label “We now have an openly xenophobic nationalistic radio station”. From what I can hear, the station has no political allegiances and ignores Brexit entirely? It seems more focused in British music than anything else.

    “Voting songs up or down on a scale of ‘play next’ or ‘play later’ has mainly no real effect on what is played next or later”. Again, having a play with their frankly intuitive app, I’ve found that after voting for songs, they end up playing on the radio only minutes later – a very novel idea indeed!

    I’m surprised you don’t enjoy the station. I personally find it a breath of fresh air from the blandness of normal UK radio.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts.


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